Best Cast Iron Pizza Pans for Restaurant-Grade Pizza at Home

Best Cast Iron Pizza Pans for Restaurant-Grade Pizza at Home

Baking with pizza stones can be very tricky. There are many things I had to put up with when I was using this porous stone. First, I needed to practice picking the dough with a peel from the counter and launching it into the hot 800 degrees oven. The most annoying part is cleaning the stone once you are done cooking. It’s stressful and time-consuming.

But there’s a good news;

You and I don’t have to withstand the hassle of using pizza stones. Cast iron pans are great for baking crispy, restaurant-grade pizza without a miss. Besides, they are more beginner-friendly than pizza stones that require you to master the act of slinging dough.

So, if creating the finest cuisines and improving your culinary skill are your priorities, check out these top 5 Best Cast Iron Pizza Pans known for their game-changing cooking performances.

🥇Best Cast Iron Pizza Pans of 2024

  1. BEST FOR durability: [Ooni Cast Iron Skillet Pan]
  2. Editor’s Pick: [Lodge BOLD P14P3 Cast Iron Pizza Pan]
  3. BEST FOR VALUE: [Classic Cuisine 82-KIT1089 Pizza Pan]

🤔Are Cast Iron Pans Good For Pizza?

Cast iron pans are known as the real workhouse of any kitchen. This versatile pan is excellent for baking pizza with a restaurant-grade signature. Cast iron pans deliver homemade pizza with a crisp base and chewy middle. Plus, it guarantees a golden brown perimeter and well-cooked toppings without burning. And that is because of its superior heat performance and ever-improving non-stick surface.

This bakeware has tall walls, making it perfect for a mess-free pizza baking experience. The sidewalls protect your hearty ingredients and dough. Nothing slides off the pan into the oven or stovetop, which is the underlying cause of the smoke.

💡Is A Pizza Stone Or Cast Iron Better For Pizza?

There are several ways you can make a sumptuous homemade pie. Cast iron pans and pizza stones are go-to for recreating an exquisite dish at home. But which of these options is perfect for baking pizza?

Funnily enough, there’s no correct answer to this question. It boils down to your preference. For instance, the number of ingredient layers, how crispy you want the base, crust thickness, etc.

A pizza stone is the most capable option for baking crispy pizza. This material has a porous surface. It helps absorb the moisture in the dough. Also, it can withstand extreme temperatures for a super crispy pizza. It’s the right choice if you want to bake authentic wood-fired pizza.

Sadly, only some cast iron pans can handle high temperatures. Enameled cast iron pans are not ideal for temperatures around 450 degrees. Thus, you might want to consider baking a slightly thick pizza crust.

Additionally, this pan comes with handles and requires a heat glove for safe handling. The upside is you don’t need a peel to launch the pizza into the pizza oven. So, less chance of messing up your grand masterpiece while getting it in or out of the hot oven.

Worth mentioning;

The cast iron pan has walls to allow you to add a generous amount of ingredients to taste. Yes, you can add more cheese, ham, meat, and vegetables. Also, it’s easier to clean and maintain the cast iron pans than the pizza stone.

📝How I Picked The Best Cast Iron Pizza Pan?


Cast iron pizza pans are available in different sizes, shapes, and styles. The most important factor to consider is weight. The cast cookware’s weight determines its heat performance. In simpler terms, it means the heavier a cast iron pan, the better its baking performance. Heavier items are much more likely to hold temperature longer.

Keep in mind the weight of cast cookware affects the user’s handling experience. Cast iron pans can be very heavy and challenging to maneuver. While some home chefs get used to its heaviness, others give up.


Top-quality cast iron pans should come with handles for easy handling. These pans can be very heavy. I recommend purchasing one with a helper handle and a larger ergonomic handle. If not, a product with two helper handles does the trick.

These two handles on opposite sides allow you to retrieve your mouth-watering pizza easily and safely.

Also, draining hot grease is a cinch with fewer chances of burning yourself.

NOTE: The handles should be sizeable enough to grip securely with your bulky mitt.


The latest cast iron pans come pre-seasoned. The manufacturer already coated the pan with several layers of polymerized oil. So, it comes with a rust-proof and non-stick finish.

Cast cookware with a silver-gray color does not come pre-seasoned. Hence, it’s up to the user to season the bakeware several times before using it. You can avoid this mess by purchasing black pre-seasoned cast iron cookware.

Nonetheless, I recommend seasoning your cast iron, even if it’s pre-seasoned, at least once before using it. This way, you never have to worry about cornbread and eggs sticking to the pan.

⭐Best Cast Iron Pizza Pan Reviews

1. Lodge BOLD 14 Inch Seasoned Cast Iron Pizza Pan

The Lodge BOLD is my top choice, not because it’s coming from a leading USA brand. This product’s cast iron construction comes with style. It’s not one of the old, shabby-looking pans. Its sloped side walls and two modern handles offer an appealing appearance without compromising performance or comfort.

Lodge BOLD 14 Inch Seasoned Cast Iron Pizza Pan

At 9.53 pounds, the Lodge BOLD is the heaviest pizza pan on this list. It might not be easy to handle compared to the lightweight Chef Pomodoro Cast Iron Pizza Pan. However, the benefits are intriguing and hard to ignore.

This made-in-USA baking pan offers unparalleled heat retention and distribution to guarantee crispy and crunch pizza. It’s the right tool to bake with if you ever want a pizzeria-quality result. Its consistent cooking performance and ability to withstand up to 500 degrees make it a game changer. No more soggy, unpalatable pizzas like ever!

And I’m not surprised that this best-selling cast cookware is the most versatile pizza pan I’ve ever owned. This product cooks nearly anything for gourmets with a wide range of appetites. It sears, fries bacon, makes pancakes, and lots more sumptuously.

On top of that, this pan comes with a ready-to-use cooking surface. Yes, this is one of the few cast iron pans you can wash, dry, and use immediately. I’ve been using this pan for half a decade, and that’s what you get if you properly maintain the Lodge BOLD.

And, of course, this American-pride pizza pan NEVER sticks. I made pepperoni pizza with lots of cheese dripping to the bottom. Still, it came out buttery smooth with a beautiful signature golden brown color. For stuck-on crumbs, it only takes a soft brush to scrub clean with ZERO stress.

If you need a well-seasoned cast iron with unmatched cooking performance to create exquisite restaurant-grade pies, Lodge BOLD has no equal. Buy once, cry once!

2. Camp Chef Cast Iron Pizza Pan

Camp Chef is a well-known brand in cookware for affordable, high-quality products. And luckily, this cast iron pizza pan lives up to the hype.

This bakeware costs almost half the price of the best-ever Lodge BOLD. However, it comes with top-shelf features for a fantastic cooking experience. It comes with the same 14-inch round cooking space. More than enough room to bake your frozen pizza, homemade sourdough pizza, and sear steak.

Cast Iron Pizza Pan

Similarly, it’s cast iron, which will hold temperature longer and cook more evenly. So, you don’t have to be a seasoned chef to make authentic Neapolitan pizza consistently. No more soggy or burnt homemade pizza!

But that’s not the best part of its underrated construction. This product can go from your oven to pellet smoker and even microwave. It cooks well on my rocket stove for delicious stuffed mushroom eggs, hot dogs, and hamburgers.

Despite its lower price point, I was astonished that this pan came properly pre-seasoned and ready to use. The manufacturer boosted, and rightly so, its True Seasoned Finished for superior non-stick performance. Besides, it improves depending on maintenance.

Also, you wouldn’t expect this affordable pizza pan to go the extra mile. Sorry to disappoint, but the Camp Chef Cast Iron Pizza Pan comes with strong decorative molded handles that never break. It’s super durable for safe and easy handling.

So, if you don’t want to break the bank for fantastic bakeware, purchase the Camp Chef Cast Iron Pizza Pan. Well, you can risk that dough on those cheap pans. Don’t just come back crying if your oven starts to smoke.

3. Classic Cuisine Cast Iron Pizza Pan-13.25 Pre-Seasoned Skillet for Cooking

If you are on a tight budget and don’t mind seasoning a pan before using it, the Classic Cuisine, 82-KIT1089, is your best bet. The demand for this pan has been soaring since its release in 2018. So, there must be something this pan does right.

Classic Cuisine

This cast pizza pan weighs about 8 pounds, close to Lodge BOLD 14. It’s pretty heavy, with barely any noticeable difference. But it comes with two large handles making it a cinch to place and take out of a toaster oven or from a grill.

Performance-wise, this budget-option pizza pan is just a little behind. It delivers an excellent baking performance you would only expect for expensive bakeware. It’s perfect for making breakfast, lunch, and dinner with ZERO issues. My calzone, pizza, fajitas, quesadillas, et cetera came out beyond my expectation.

On the downside, this manufacturer says this pan comes pre-seasoned. However, it requires seasoning before using it to avoid ruining your exquisite Italian masterpiece. The most annoying part is the surface is not so smooth. Thus, I had to sand the entire surface, which didn’t take long before seasoning.

If you can do some extra work on your new pan, the Classic Cuisine 82-KIT1089 is the best cast iron skillet pizza for buyers looking for a great deal.

4. Ooni Cast Iron Skillet Pan

The Ooni Cast Iron Skillet Pan stands out from the competition with its brilliant custom-designed removable handle and beautiful serving beech board. This product, coming at a reasonable price, is the sleekest cast iron pan I’ve ever seen with its Nordic design. If you want a pizza pan that screams premium quality and unmatched cooking performance, the Ooni Cast Iron Skillet Pan is second to none.

However, this pan has a 9-inch cooking surface to make a sumptuous pie for personal consumption. If that’s too small to feed your average-sized pizza party, purchase the 14-inch Lodge BOLD P14P3.

Weighing about 6.3 pounds, this pan is more comfortable to handle than others. Plus, it comes with two cast iron helper handles for easy maneuvering. However, its long removable handle takes it a notch further. It’s super easy to retrieve your piping hot masterpiece from your outdoor pizza oven to the table. Another benefit of this innovative design is it keeps you away from the hot exterior surface of the


Being made from cast iron, we can duly expect a couple of things from this pan. This high-quality skillet has remarkable heat retention and durability for mouthwatering results. This all-purpose pan comes in handy for several cooking functions, from searing to baking.

In addition to that;

The Ooni Cast Iron Skillet Pan has 1.57-inch sidewalls, perfect for making thin or thick pizza crusts. The tall sidewalls provide ample room to add loads of ingredients, including thick slices of meat. I love how the pizza base is always crispy and crunchy while the inside is slightly doughy.

Also, you’ve to love how the cheese melts and drips to the sides, which gives a caramelized edge that is AWE-SOME! Plus, it never sticks.

If you are looking to steal a premium pan that can handle extreme temperatures and deliver your expected cooking results, the Ooni Cast Iron Skillet Pan is the only product that comes to mind.

5. Chef Pomodoro Cast Iron Pizza Pan

Chef Pomodoro, a leading brand, offers a high-quality cast iron skillet at the most reasonable price. It earns a spot on this list for its outstanding flexibility. If you need a pan that can go from oven to BBQ grill without complaining, you found it.

Chef Pomodoro Cast Iron Pizza Pan

This product is an essential tool for every home pizza enthusiast. Crispy thick crust, soft and puffy inside, and a perfectly cooked sauce and ingredients; its cooking performance and consistent results are AMA-Z-ING!

This 12-inch cast iron features a pre-seasoned surface that comes ready to use. With regular maintenance, this pan will not only last longer but get better to enhance your food’s flavor and taste. Once you are done, cleaning this pan is the easiest part – rinse and pat dry.

What’s more?

Chef Pomodoro Cast Iron Pizza Pan is durable and rugged. It’s oven-safe up to 500 degrees and won’t warp. This high heat resistance is what I look for in the best cast iron pan for pizza. It’s the secret to making piping hot crispy thin-crust pizza.

Weighing less than 6 pounds, this unit is light to handle. It’s an excellent choice if you’re avoiding heavy, expensive options.

6. Legend Cookware Cast iron Pizza Pan

Most top chefs recommend the Legend Cookware Cast iron Pizza Pan, and, for good reasons. This product features solid cast iron construction for your unique cooking needs. It takes great pride, as it should, in its workhorse versatility, flexibility, and lifetime durability.

Legend Cookware Cast iron Pizza Pan

This large cast iron pizza pan has several minute details that make it different from its competitors. Unlike others on this list with a round shape, this product has an egg-like structure. Also, the sidewalls are generously tall enough to allow you to bake Chicago-style or Neapolitan thin pizza.

In addition, it doubles nicely as a griddle for steaks, pancakes, bacon, omelets, eggs, quesadillas, and fajitas. You can start feeling like a true chef in no time with tons of delicious hearty meals.

One of the most alluring features of this pan is its handles. They are large, solid, and slightly tilted up. Thus, offering the most convenient carrying experience.

Furthermore, the manufacturer uses an all-natural vegetable oil as the foundational seasoning. However, the pan cannot go from the packaging box to the oven. It’s paramount that you season before using it for a phenomenal baking performance. Besides, it allows you to easily create your own seasoning to modulate your foods’ flavor and taste unique.

📊Best Cast iron Pan for Pizza Comparisons

  Lodge BOLD P14P3 Camp Chef Cast Iron Pizza Pan Classic Cuisine, 82-KIT1089 Chef Pomodoro Cast Iron Pizza Pan Legend Cookware Cast iron Pizza Pan Ooni Cast Iron Skillet Pan
Best For Overall Deep dish Tight Budget Thin crust pie Versatility Easy handling
Size 14-inch 14-inch 13.25-inch 12-inch 14-inch 9-inch
Shape Round Round Round Round Oval Round
Weight 9.53 pounds 7 Pounds 8.09 Pounds 5.23 Pounds 8.68 pounds 6.3 pounds
Sidewall height 1.25-inch 2-inch 1.5-inch 1-inch 1.75-inch 1.57-inch


💡How To Use A Cast Iron Pizza Pan?

Cast iron pans are tricky to use. They are virtually indestructible if adequately handled. So, here are the fundamental principles of using a cast iron pizza pan.

Never cook with a cast iron pizza pan immediately.

According to top chefs, you shouldn’t cook with your new pan immediately, even if it’s touted as “pre-seasoned.” It’s essential to add an extra thin layer of oil before using it. Rinse and dry the new cast cookware, and heat on a stovetop before applying a thin coat of olive oil. Allow the pan to cool, then repeat.

If the cast iron comes pre-seasoned, repeat this process once or twice. For an uncoated cast iron pizza pan, it’s best to repeat the process more than two times. Taking extra care of these cast iron ensures they do not rust or stick. And that’s why everyone loves their grandma’s cast iron pans.

Hand wash only

Cast iron is relatively easy to clean by hand. Well, you don’t have any other options. They are not dishwasher safe. Also, you don’t want to use bleach with your durable pans.

Furthermore, it’s best to wash with water and mild soap less often. Cast iron is no friend of water. You might be putting your pan at risk of rusting. Plus, it would be best if you didn’t use abrasive tools. Instead, scrub with a soft vegetable brush.

Season before storing

Once you are done cooking, it’s essential to season the pan before storing it. If you wash with water, ensure it’s dry first. After that, add a small amount of neutral oil to protect its surface from moisture. I recommend using a brush to apply the oil. This way, no part of the cooking surface is oil dried.

Store properly

If you have already seasoned the pan, store it in a cool, dry place. Otherwise, it’s crucial the pan is completely dry and covered with paper towels. This helps protect your cast iron pan from other wet cookware. However, oil drying the pan is the most reliable way to store cast iron cookware.

👩‍💼What Can You Cook In A Cast Iron Pizza Pan Beside Pizza?

Cast iron pizza pans are great for baking beautiful fresh dough, frozen pizza, or half-baked dough. But there are other things you can do with a cast iron pizza pan. This versatile cookware is suitable for cooking a wide range of food, from pizza to bacon, pancakes, cornbread, burgers, crepes, fajitas, and more.

⚖️Cast Iron Pizza Pan vs. Steel Comparisons

Feature Cast Iron Pizza Pan Steel Pizza Pan
Heat retention High Medium
Heating time Slow Fast
Weight Heavy Light
Durability High Medium
Rust resistance Low High
Non-stick surface (if seasoned properly) Yes No
Effect on crust texture Crispy Regular
Ease of cleaning Moderate Easy
Price Moderate Low

Note: These are general comparisons and vary depending on the brand and quality of the pans.


All in all, any pizza pans on the list will deliver a genuine, pleasurable cast iron baking experience. They are durable to last a lifetime. Even better, I handpicked these FIVE pans for their ability to create a custom season as a cook to serve as your signature to pass down to the next generation.

My top pick is the top-selling Lodge BOLD P14P3, with superior heat retention and distribution. If you don’t mind its salty price, this product makes the finest dishes regardless of your culinary school. Others will satisfy your needs, but none come close to the Lodge BOLD P14P3.



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