Best Perforated Pizza Peel

Best Perforated Pizza Peels that NEVER Ruins the Dough

Annually, we rigorously examine and test a wide range of perforated pizza peels to ascertain the best in the market. The three pizza peels featured in this list have been ranked based on their performance in handling pizzas, material quality, ease of use, and, of course, affordability.

At the beginning of my pizza-making journey, I kept making dozens of bitter-tasting, soggy pizzas. So, like every beginner, I invested in the revolutionary Ooni 3 pizza oven. I was hoping it would change my results.

 Did it? Of course not!

Every attempt still ended up being bitter, ugly-looking, soggy pizzas. And, yes, I cranked up the temperature as high as possible. Even worse, the dough and the salubrious toppings get ruined when loading or unloading the oven.

These bad experiences piled up painfully until I switched my wooden pizza peel for a perforated model. It was like a prayer answered. Truly, the little things can make all the difference.

The perforated peel was super thin for easier handling of my pizzas. Also, the holes removed the excess cornflour, which was the bane of my pizza-making process.

 Now, I boost delicious, mouth-watering pizzas with the crispiest and crunchiest of crusts. And so can you with the right perforated pizza peel.

Here are the best perforated pizza peel for swift, fool-proof, and safe transfer. Finally, no more burnt flour taste! 

🥇Best Perforated Pizza Peels

  1. Best Overall [Ooni Perforated Pizza Peel]
  2. Best For Beginners [Komista Perforated Professional Aluminum Pizza Peel]
  3. Best for flexible tapered edge [The Italian Kitchen 13″ Perforated Pizza Peel]
  4. Best For Rust Free [HOMEFAVOR 12 x 14 Inch Perforated Pizza Peel]
  5. Nonstick Pizza Peel [Prezito’s 12-inch Perforated Nonstick Pizza Peel]

Unveiling the Perforated Pizza Peel: A Game-Changer in Pizza Making

 This tool has many holes on the surface to get rid of the excess flour. This is the only difference between a solid and a perforated pizza peel.

Perforation offers several significant benefits. The deluge of holes reduces the pizza peel’s overall weight. They are lightweight and easy to handle.

Without the excess flour making it into your oven, your pizza dough is safe from the following:

  • Discoloration
  • Awful alien taste and
  • untimely burning experience

 Plus, its non-stick performance is second to none. Hence, it’s a decent choice for new pizza-making enthusiasts.

Perforated vs. Non-Perforated Pizza Peels: A Culinary Showdown

Non-perforated pizza peels are traditional models made out of wood. They are flat and solid. It still remains a choice for some chefs. Why? Some options double well as serving and cutting boards.

Wooden pizza peels have some concerning downsides. They are thicker than metal pizza peels. Getting the wooden models under the dough can be a bit of a struggle without ruining it. Another thing is durability. Metal models last longer. 

Perforated models are mainly made of metal. Thus, they are super thin and slide under the dough without needing an extra tool. They are much easier to use, especially in a hot oven when swiftness and speed are paramount.

Also, the perforation design keeps excess flour away from the baking stone. The massive gain is no burnt flour smell and taste, lowering your pizza quality.

Besides, the holes support better air circulation. Thus keeping the pizza crust from condensation and becoming soggy.

The Superiority of Perforated Pizza Peels: Fact or Fiction?

If you are new to the home-baking pizza world, the perforated pizza peel is your best bet. They are lighter, super thin, and foolproof to use.

Plus, they offer an extra layer of convenience. The perforation design helps avoid burned bits or a sticky experience.

In the next section, I’ll go over the massive benefits they have over traditional pizza peels. These peculiar advantages have earned it a place with both new and top chefs alike.

The Irresistible Advantages of Perforated Pizza Peels

Banishing Excess Flour: The Secret Weapon

One of the obvious appeals of a perforated pizza peel is its ability to reduce the flour needed for non-stick performance. It can be challenging to do this with solid models. Excess flour easily tarnishes your beautiful crust with burnt flour bits and an awful singed flour taste.

More problems develop from allowing excess flour to make it into your oven.

The toasted flour creates more smoke, which can be distracting and messy. Imagine how much cleaning you have to do afterward.

The burnt flavor taste imbued in your heartily-made pizza can be overwhelming and off-putting. And, usually, the worst-case scenario plays out: throwing the pizza in the bin. Money, effort, and time wasted!

This is one of the reasons chefs, new or seasoned, opt for the perforated model. It makes pizza baking easier and less nasty!

Incredible non-stick performance

The hole on the peel’s surface helps promote better airflow to ensure the dough slides off easily onto the baking stone.

Holes reduce the surface area, which means fewer sticky spots. But your dough can get stuck between these holes if they are too big. The right accessory should have a deluge of small holes. Big enough for better air circulation and small enough for slippery performance.

Non-Stick Wonders: Why Your Dough Won’t Stick?

Every pizza-making enthusiast’s nightmare is making a soggy base. Freshly baked pizza retrieved from a hot baking stone tends to have condensation or water building up at the base. If neglected for too long, it forms that soggy base.

A solid peel keeps the heat and moisture trapped, causing the sogginess. On the contrary, perforated models allow heat escape and prevent condensation at the base.

Tackling Condensation: Keeping Your Crust Perfect

Baking should be easy and fun. But without the right tools, it might be a real struggle, especially for beginners.

Perforated pizza peels are lighter than their traditional counterparts. Thus, it is easier to handle. Also, they are not as thick as wooden models. Consequently, you can slide the peel under the freshly baked pizza on the stone without ruining it.

Selecting the Ultimate Perforated Pizza Peel: Your Comprehensive Guide

Decoding Materials: Aluminum vs. Steel

This essential accessory is available in different types based on material. There are steel, aluminum, and wood options. Most perforated models are made out of steel or aluminum.

Thus, they are much lighter than wooden models and their solid metal counterparts. Also, metal peels are thinner than wooden ones, making them novice-friendly.

Most top Italian pizzaiolos recommend perforated peels because of their lightweight and easy maintenance.

The traditional wooden models are a pain in the rear to sanitize. Why? For longevity, it’s advised to reduce the wooden peel’s exposure to water. On top of that, a series of careful maintenance follows.

Hence, I recommend purchasing either a steel or aluminum pizza peel. Even better, stick with a perforated one!


Regarding lightweight and easy handling, aluminum peels are the best options. In addition to that, they are durable and easy to maintain.

No doubt, aluminum peels deliver that great, crispy crust. Since it’s metal, they are a cinch to clean after every use.

Compared to its metal counterpart, aluminum peels are less durable, though lighter than steel.


Unlike aluminum peels, steel is heavier and more sturdy. However, its heavyweight profile depends on your preference.

They are a breeze to clean and would deliver on their promise — crunchy, crispy crust!

On its downside;

Its non-stick performance is lacking when compared to aluminum and other options.

Size & Shape: Matching Your Baking Needs

Another critical factor to consider is the shape and size of the accessory. This crucial factor depends solely on the intended use.

Shape-wise, pizza peels come in either round or square shapes. The latter is best used for larger and wider pizzas. They usually take up a lot of space in the oven. You find square pizza peels challenging to move small-sized pizzas.

On the other side:

The round peels are more suitable for rotating pizzas in the oven for even cooking. So, it is best to invest in this tool if your oven cooks unevenly or bakes small pies and pizzas.

Handles & Grips: Ensuring Comfort and Control

To ensure you make an informed choice, pay attention to the handle length. This pizza-making accessory is available in varying handle lengths. Some are very short, while others can be uncomfortably long.

The long handles are what you need if your oven is deep or the exterior gets extremely hot. It supports easy rotation of your baked goods while keeping your hands safe from the oven’s heat.

Short models are great for small pizza ovens with an almost cool-to-the-touch exterior casing.

In summary,

If it’s unsafe to get close to the pizza oven, stick with long handles and vice versa.

Top Picks: The Best Perforated Pizza Peels Reviewed

1. Ooni Perforated Pizza Peel

The Ooni Perforated Pizza Peel takes the lead with its sturdy, anodized aluminum construction and Heat-resistant Glass Reinforced Nylon handle. It’s super sleek, lightweight, and durable. 



One of this device’s perks is its fantastic adaptability. Unlike most rectangular peels limited to transferring pizza dough, this device can do much more. It’s great for spinning your pizza without falling off. If you want evenly cooked homemade pizzas consistently, the Ooni Perforated Pizza Peel is your best bet.

This fantastic model is available in two size options: 12-inch and 14-inch. I have the 12-inch models, and there’s more than enough room to lift and toss my small-sized pizzas into the oven.

However, I’d recommend purchasing the larger options if your oven has a larger opening and you need to bake large-size pizzas.

That’s not all;

This unit is made with aluminum, making it unbelievably lightweight and easier to handle. The newly-improved tapered peel edge is the most effective I’ve ever used!

Picking your uncooked pizza dough from the workstation into your wood-fired pizza oven is fool-proof. The same holds remarkably for retrieving freshly-baked pizza.

Also, the blade features a hard anodized coating that offers several benefits. But the most notable is the hyper-smooth surface offering the best food release performance you can expect from a peel.

Another impressive feature that sets this peel apart from its competitors is its handle. It features cutting-edge heat-resistant glass-reinforced nylon construction for safe handling. It’s an incredible feature considering it has a short handle to ensure you work safely at a close distance to the hot oven.

This professional pizza peel always satisfies if you own a shallow pizza oven. For deep pizza ovens, the handle is short and might be a tad unsafe to use. 


2. Komista Perforated Professional Aluminum Pizza Peel

The Komista Perforated Pizza Peel is arguably the best indoor pizza peel. It comes with nearly all the premium perks of Ooni 12-inch Perforated Pizza Peel at half the price.

 Komista Perforated Professional Aluminum Pizza Peel

This model slides under the pizza, sandwiches, and stromboli effortlessly. Compared to my favorite Ooni peel, this peel isn’t far behind if you are not a novice.

The perforations on the peels are spacious enough to eliminate the excess flour for a mouth-watering, freshly-baked pizza. However, it is just about the right size to keep the dough from getting stuck. It releases your baked goods with no second doubt.

 Even better;

This unit boosts a genius overlapping rivet system to strengthen the head-handle joint for better stability. No more costly mistakes or unfortunate cases of your pizza dropping due to a weak joint.

If you want to avoid dipping your hands into your savings, you can have this professional pizza peel at a more affordable price. 


3. The Italian Kitchen 13″ Perforated Pizza Peel

Hate to have pizza with that burnt, bitter flour taste? You can’t go wrong with this premium accessory from The Italian Kitchen Specialty Kitchen.

This pizza peel is perforated to remove excess flour and improve airflow for a crispy, crunch pizza crust.

Like the first-rated Ooni pizza peel, this model features a top-shelf flexible tapered edge to pick up the dough in one try quickly. It’s made of high-grade aluminum, responsible for much more than lightweight and easy handling. It cools rapidly between launches to prevent accidents.

Whether it’s New York or Neapolitan pizza, this model is suitable for anything. Plus, it’s a perfect fit for your existing Ooni pizza ovens.

Unlike the Ooni peel, this model has an option for an extended handle and, of course, for some extra bucks. It’s good that this manufacturer is giving this choice to its customers. Now, you can use the same peel for deep and shallow pizza ovens. This is nothing like the common peels flooding the market.

The handle is sturdy and can handle launching well-topped pizza without breaking. Plus, it has a unique hole for hanging. Easy access and more storage space in your cabinet are good wins.

Want a premium model that doubles nicely as a short and long pizza peel? The Italian Kitchen 13″ Perforated Pizza Peel is one of a kind!


4. G.a HOMEFAVOR Perforated Pizza Peel

 Earning a place is a pizza peel from one of the top brands, G.a HOMEFAVOR. This unit features a state-of-the-art anodized aluminum construction to ensure it’s rust-free.

 Also, you won’t have to season this peel like wooden models. It’s hassle-free to use. Also, you don’t have to worry about unwanted food particles or odor imparting your salubrious pies.


Furthermore, the G.a HOMEFAVOR Rectangular Pizza Turning Peel has the most interesting tapered design to ensure it slides under the pizza for a seamless launching experience.

This popular pizza peel features a spacious blade space to offer enough room for any pie size, including the XL. Now, no more worries about balancing your pizza on the peel. Load and unload with utmost peace of mind! 

What’s more?

This unit is available in two overall length options: 26-inch and 47-inch. The formal is a decent choice for smaller ovens, while the other might be what you need for a sweltering wood-fired pizza oven.

The most impressive feature is its insulated silicone handle. It offers maximum control from a safe distance. The grip experience is one of the best so far. It makes loading and unloading a cinch.

Also, this handle folds away cleverly for smart space-efficient storage. Even better, there’s a hole to allow you to hang it on the wall for quick access.

If you want a game-changing pizza peel for the best launching performance, the G.a HOMEFAVOR Rectangular Pizza Turning Peel is a clear winner. 


5. Prezito’s 12-inch Perforated Nonstick Pizza Peel

Don’t want to break the bank for a pizza accessory? Well, Prezito, a leading brand, says you don’t have to. This model is super thin, lightweight, and stick-free for the best pizza loading and unloading experience.


Like most models on this list, the blade measures 12 x 14 inches. This is a plethora of space to accommodate a wide variety of pie sizes. Also, it comes in handy for handling grilled proteins and cakes. 

In addition to;

This affordable pizza peel features a 12-inch handle, which feels super smooth. Not just that, it’s sturdy enough to support the weight of your pizza without breaking. And, of course, it’s ideal for outdoor and indoor use. 

Despite its low price point, I’m impressed that the manufacturer has not cut many corners. The Prezito’s Perforated Pizza Peel rocks a hard-anodized construction to keep your pies from rust.

 On top of it ALL; 

There’s a free trial. The company promises to pay you back if you find the affordable accessory faulty. This is the best deal on this list! 


Mastering the Art of Using a Perforated Pizza Peel

 The first step involves using the right placing peel with the appropriate size. Else, your pizza might fall off during the process.

Pizza dough tends to sag after the peel’s edge, making it about halfway through. Thus, causing your healthy toppings to fall off and create a mess. 

So, it’s essential to use a rectangular pizza peel and pick up the uncooked pizza dough in one quick action. 

Also, it’s best to avoid adding too many toppings. Why? It increases the pizza’s weight, reducing the peel’s sliding performance. Plus, keep the peel dry and free from moisture, especially ketchup. Else, you might have a stubborn sticking experience. 

Whether it’s a thin or thick pizza crust, prepare the peel for smooth sliding performance. Perforated ones are the easiest, explaining why it’s the most used and recommended. 

The perforated peels need a smaller amount of flour. If you don’t enjoy the taste and texture of cornmeal, flour or rice flour are great alternatives. 

Regardless of your preference, it’s best to use a decent amount of it. Excessive flour or cornmeal in your oven causes awful singed flour patches. The result is an unbearable bitter pizza no one wants to eat. 

Is OONI perforated peel better? 

The pizza accessory is from the top manufacturer in this space – Ooni. This peel features a superior hard anodized aluminum blade, offering more than durability. It’s lightweight to support the best oven movements. Also, it ensures the tool is super thin and oxidation-free for easy and long-lasting use. Most products come second to the Ooni perforated peel better. 

Spotlight Analysis: Is the Ooni Perforated Peel a Cut Above the Rest?

Owning a pizza peel is a must if you want to create a sumptuous, pizzeria-quality one. 

Sadly, they are not created equal. Some models would disappoint, break, and drop your well-prepared pizza. Some sticks and ruin your pizza crusts. Even worse, it causes your pizza to become bitter. 

The best perforated peel is what you need to perfect your results. 

Luckily, in this post, I revealed my top 5 perforated peels. They are super thin, lightweight, durable, and incredibly nonstick. 

Now, it’s up to you to decide, considering the key factors mentioned in the buying guide section. 


I’m confident any of the products would deliver a crispy, crunchy pizza crust. Beginner or not! 


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