Best Pizza Oven for Traeger Grill

Best Pizza Oven for Traeger Grill

For this review alone, I meticulously tested 10 highly-rated flat-top pizza ovens for a period of 6 months. My top three recommendations stem solely from my intensive hands-on interaction with these devices. Also, I’ll share useful tips I learned using these appliances to ensure you craft stunning pizzas.

If you’ve any questions about any of these products, feel free to drop me an email ( – I’m more than happy to provide assistance!

Looking for the best pizza oven for Traeger grill?

I took matters into my own hands and purchased 10 pizza oven attachments with my own hard-earned cash to test their performance and cooking consistency on my trusty Traeger Pro 575.

Out of those ten, only THREE products crafted professional-quality pizzas – crisp crust, bubbling cheese, leopard spots, and puffy edges.

So, whether you are on a tight budget or simply looking to invest in a Traeger grill pizza oven, I’ve got you covered.

🥇Best Pizza Oven for Traeger Grill for 2024

  1. BEST VALUE : [Stanbroil Pizza Oven Attachment]
  2. Editor’s Pick: [Geras Pizza Oven Attachment]
  3. BEST FOR CAPACITY: [Green Mountain Attachment]

🤔Why Use a Pizza Oven for Traeger Grill?

Traeger grills are fantastic devices for smoking, searing, roasting, grilling, etc. But they can do much more.

With a pizza oven insert, you can convert your existing pellet grill into a full-fledged pizza oven. It’s a great option if you want to make pizza once in a while.

But if you are serious about making artisan-quality pizzas, day in and day out, I recommend purchasing a wood-fired pizza oven instead.


These new inserts help you get the most out of your old grill.

If this isn’t value for money, then I’ve no clue what’s.

They are far more affordable than purchasing a dedicated pizza oven. Despite their portability, there’s enough room to cook wholesome 12-inch homemade pizza.

Furthermore, these units can achieve scorching temperatures up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit.

They promote even heating, ensuring the pizza crust is perfect every time.

These insert pizza ovens perform similarly to the standalone models in terms of performance, build quality, and versatility.

So, if you are interested in hosting pizza night parties but don’t have the space, resources, or money for another piece of equipment, this attachment is essential.

❔Why Does a Dedicated Pizza Oven Attachment Make a Difference?

Traeger grills, like other traditional grills, can certainly cook decent pizzas.

However, purchasing an oven insert is a worthwhile investment to achieve professional-quality results.

These intriguing devices are capable of transforming your outdoor cooking experience.

And here’s how?

Most BBQ pizza oven attachments are not so different from their fully-fledged counterparts.

They incorporate nearly identical advanced cavity technology. This enables these devices to achieve high temperatures and more uniform cooking necessary to cook great stone-baked pizzas.

The enclosed design traps and retains heat. This speeds up the entire pizza-baking process significantly.

With less heat loss, making several batches of pizzas to feed a hungry crowd is much easier.


The cooking chamber is constructed to facilitate optimal infusion of smoky flavors. This is a big win for pizza connoisseurs like me. It delivers a more authentic smoky flavor than when baked on the grill.

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Furthermore, they are shipped with a ceramic stone. This accessory retains heat, allowing it to toast the pizza base faster for a crispy crust in about two minutes.

It’s a cheat code to create perfect homemade pizzas that taste like your favorite pizzeria on your Traeger grill. And, of course, it’s cheaper and healthier than those pizza parlor takeouts.

📝How to Choose the Flat-Top Pizza Oven for Traeger Grill?

Size matters

When it comes to a flat-top pizza oven, size is an important aspect.

This device is available in different size options. The right one should fit your pellet grill perfectly.

Measure your grill’s grate before making a choice. You don’t want the oven insert shooting out, which can sabotage your entire pizza-making effort.

More importantly, factor in the number of mouths you are most likely to feed regularly.

Commonly, these portable units have enough space to cook a 12-inch pizza.

However, larger ones can make giant pizzas up to 16 inches and roast a whole chicken.

Its build quality

Most pizza ovens are sturdily built to withstand the rip-roaring flame from your pellet grill.

Still, I recommend checking the materials used before making a choice.

Stainless steel is the standard choice. It offers quick heating, decent weight, and excellent heat distribution.

Furthermore, you want to check the thickness and material choice for the stone. There are a lot of options.

But, over the years, cordierite stones have proven the real deal.

It’s a porous material, preventing moisture from pooling under the pizza base. Heat distribution and retention are excellent and even better with a thicker cordierite stone.

Equally important;

The exterior of the oven attachment plays a crucial role. Inexpensive models, in particular, often need more outer construction. This accounts for their less-than-ideal baking performance.

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Units featuring a powder coating or ceramic exterior provide superior insulation. So, producing exceptional pizza quality becomes achievable.

On the upside, the shells make them visually appealing. And they offer the advantage of being more forgiving of accidental contact.

Say goodbye to the risk of scorched skin while whipping up culinary delights.

Ease of assembly and storage

Next, you want to determine how much storage space you have.

While pizza ovens are said to be portable, they can be challenging to store. They can take up a lot of your storage space.

Also, weight is another salient factor when shopping for a pizza oven attachment.

You’ll be carrying this device in and out of storage.

So, except you love calling for help, I suggest buying a portable and lightweight device.

⭐Best Pizza Oven for Traeger Grill

1. Stanbroil Pizza Oven Attachment

My top pick for the best pizza oven for Traeger Grill is the Strabroil ‎L017-17-SS insert. This remarkable device boasts several standout features that have left me thoroughly impressed during testing.

Stanbroil Pizza Oven Attachment

The setup process was remarkably simple and uncomplicated. Setting the oven inside the grill as opposed to doing it on the table and moving it into the smoker is the best way to do it.

The Stanbroil insert boasts an adjustable support plate feature, spanning from 17.4 to 19.8 inches. With the butterfly screw on the side, I can securely set this oven into my Ironwood 885 and Pro 22 with its weight resting on the grill. 

Stranbroil claims this oven can reach up to 800 degrees F. Put to the test, at 15 minutes, my infrared thermometer measures a deck temperature of 766 degrees. Waiting for another 5 minutes, the pizza stone’s temperature was dancing close to the advertised degree.

In terms of cooking consistency, this insert proved to be consistently impressive. The initial sample cheese cooked in just 2 minutes and 20 seconds. “Perfect! Beautiful color! Firm crust!” That was my remark when I examined the first cook. 

For the second sample test, there was no recovery process, and it still cooked a perfect pizza in 3 minutes and 10 seconds. 

Both pizzas boasted a crisp crust with a tantalizing wood-fired aroma and evenly melted cheese.

With its wide range of compatibility, a maximum temperature of up to 800 degrees, and a swift 3-minute cook time, the Stanbroil L017-17-SS unquestionably stands out as the best pizza oven for Traeger that I’ve had the pleasure of testing so far.

What I like

  • Good insulation on the hood
  • Funnel-like base for quick preheating
  • Thick pizza stone perfect for baking pizza back to back 
  • Works with a lot of grill 

What I don’t like

  • The parts are not fixed
  • Having to remove the  grates, grease tray, and other components to gain access to the firebox can be a bit of work

2. Geras Pizza Oven Outdoor for Grill

If you’re a proud owner of an 18-inch smoker and yearn for a larger grill topper, the Geras Pizza Oven should definitely be on your radar. This oven makes a striking first impression straight out of the box.

Geras Pizza Oven Outdoor for Grill

What I immediately appreciated was the sturdy build of this oven. Despite its robust appearance, it’s surprisingly lighter than it appears, weighing only 17.4 pounds. Plus, its carrying handles make it easier to transport.

With an integrated thermometer perched on the top of its hood, I could easily monitor the entire preheating process. However, I found that the built-in thermometer does not measure the stone’s temperature. You need an infrared thermometer for that.

Cooking space wise, this grill topper is equipped with a 15-inch cordierite pizza stone, offering plenty of room to actually bake a 14-inch pizza, be it Neapolitan or deep dish. 

Even better, its unique lid design is another feature of this top-selling device I find appealing. Not only does it simplify the pizza loading and unloading process, but also  spares you the need to strain your back when monitoring or shifting pizzas. 

The Geras Pizza Oven for Grill does not require getting rid of the grill grate like the Strabroil ‎L017-17-SS. 

Nonetheless, I noticed that this pizza oven attachment makes good use of the high heat from both my Ironwood 885 and Pro 22. I registered a max temperature of 750 degrees F in 15 minutes at the center, 772 at the back and 723 in the front. 

This insert baked the first cheese pizza to golden brown in 3 minutes 5 seconds while the next one was done in 4 minutes. 

While it cooked a tad slower than my top choice, the results were nothing short of mouthwatering. Both crusts were perfectly cooked, devoid of any doughiness, and featured a delightful touch of char on the base, complemented by beautifully caramelized cheese.

The only minor drawback I encountered with this device is that maneuvering the pizza during cooking can be somewhat labor-intensive. I had to frequently open and close the lid to shuffle the pizza, potentially contributing to heat loss and slightly extended cooking times.

With the added perks of a complimentary pizza peel and a dependable 2-year manufacturer warranty, Geras Pizza Oven for Grill is a good deal. 

What I like 

  • Easy to use – no assembling or preparation
  • Quality build
  • Built-in thermometer

What I don’t like

  • The unique lid can be exhausting sometimes
  • Only works on 18-inch grills

3. Green Mountain Grills Pizza Oven Attachment

Suppose you have other pellet grills like Daniel Boone and Green Mountain Grills. In that case, I’ve got the best accessory for them – GMG Wood-Fired Steel Pizza Oven Attachment.

Green Mountain Grills Pizza Oven Attachment

This model is similar to the flagship Stanbroil in performance and design.

It’s made with the same top-grade stainless steel and has a heat-boosting circular extension. It gets hot enough to cook pizzas for a crisp result.

What’s missing?

Adjustable support plate for universal compatibility and a shiny, refined appearance.

Nonetheless, it still bakes delicious pizza, which is what matters!

With such a hefty weight, I was glad to see that it comes with 2 tabs on the front and rear that rest securely on my grills. This prevents the its massive weight from bearing directly on the auger tunnel or firebox,

With the lid closed and my Ironwood 885 cranked to 450 degrees, at 10 minutes, my infrared thermometer reads 608 degrees F. After an additional 5 minutes, this appliance was ready to produce mouthwatering pizzas at a scorching 792 degrees Fahrenheit.

In testing, it baked both sample pizzas back-to-back with impressive consistency. With both pizzas side by side, it’s hard to tell which went first into the oven – beautiful cornicoroes, a fluffy interior, and a crisp crust that left a lasting impression

It’s worth noting that unlike the Geras Pizza Oven, using this attachment directly in the firebox left no outlet for the minimal ashes produced during cooking. Consequently, I spent a couple of minutes post-cooking to clean the substantial portion of ash that didn’t escape the firebox.

What I like

  • Excellent heat performance
  • Quality stainless steel build
  • Slight wood-fire flavor 

What I don’t like

  • On the heavier side

How I Tested to Find the Best Pizza Oven for Traeger ?

Number of pizza oven inserts tested: 10 models

Testing during: 6 months (weekends only)

Sample pizza: classic cheese pizza

Traeger Grill used for the test: Ironwood 885 and Pro 22

For this review, I streamlined the vast array of options to a manageable 10 devices, primarily focusing on two pivotal criteria: customer feedback and brand reputation.

I further evaluated and rated on them on the following:

Size and compatibility: Given the diverse sizes of Traeger grills, I tried these ovens on my smaller Pro 22 and bigger Ironwood 885. The objective was to find inserts that fit the traeger grill perfectly. Also, how much cooking space is available to cook and shuffle a 12-inch cheese pizza. 

Cooking consistency: Keeping the dough ball’s weight and moisture constant, I cooked two cheese pizzas (thin layer of sauce and same number of mozzarella) in each oven and on both Traeger grills without waiting for the appliances to recover. 

I assessed the results based on the thoroughness of pizza cooking, crust crispiness, flavor depth, and the presence of leopard spots. Furthermore, I compared the second pizza to the first to identify any variations in the aforementioned factors.

Heat performance: Using the same wood pellet, Traeger Grills All-Natural Wood Pellets, for both grills, I measured how fast the inserts came to temperature – 750 degrees F. To ensure precise measurements, I utilized an Infrared thermometer to monitor the stone’s temperature. It’s worth noting that, for this test, my focus was exclusively on the center of the pizza oven to ensure a fair comparison.

🔍How to Use a Pizza Oven Attachment on a Traeger Grill?

Using the piece of kit is straightforward.

Most units arrive assembled. Some models already have the pizza stone installed, while others might require you to slide it in.

To get started,

Light up your Traeger grill (you should know this step).

Unbox this kit and place it on the grill’s grate. It’s important to allow the oven come to temperature.

According to the author of Pizza Recipe, pizza is best: “baked on stone in a wood-fired oven at about 750 to 1000 (yes, one thousand!) degrees Fahrenheit”

It’s crucial to allow the pizza oven to come to a temperature that’s around 750 degrees F.

Depending on the oven, it takes 10 – 20 minutes.

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Before launching your carefully layered pizza, check the stone’s temperature with a thermometer. Once the oven is ready, toss your pizza and spin every 30 seconds for perfect doneness.

How long does it take to grill on a Traeger?

The grilling time depends on several factors. This includes food type, thickness, weather conditions, and many more. However, baking a pizza in a grill oven, from start to finish, takes 10 – 15 minutes.

What temperature do you cook pizza on a Traeger?

For pizzeria-grade pizzas, heat the pizza stone to 700 – 800 degrees F. High heat is crucial to achieving a crispy crust and bubbling toppings. Don’t forget to give the pizza a good spin for an even result.

Can you use a pellet grill as a pizza oven?

Converting your backyard pellet grill into an excellent pizza oven is possible. Purchase a dedicated pizza oven insert designed to bake pizza on a grill. There are different options out there. So, choose one that fits your barbecuing machine.

Do I need a pizza stone to cook a pizza in a Traeger?

Using a pizza stone alone on your Traeger will undoubtedly make good pizzas. But if you want authenticity to the pie, it’s best to use a pizza oven insert. The enclosed dome created the correct cooking conditions. It’s similar to a wood-fired pizza oven. Thus guaranteeing classic Italian results.

Is wood or pellets better for a pizza oven?

Pizza oven inserts are designed to work with any grill. It doesn’t matter if your existing grill is powered by pellets or wood. Instead, focus on the size of the oven insert to ensure it fits right on top of your grill without sticking out.


I agree: there are many ways to cook pizza with the Traeger grill.

For restaurant quality, you really need the best pizza oven attachment for Traeger grill.

Their metal hood helps trap the heat necessary to brown your pizza base and cook your toppings to preferred doneness.

However, choosing the right one is essential, and the flood of options makes it notoriously tricky to do.

Luckily, I’ve tested dozens of models and found the THREE best pizza ovens for Traeger Grill. Now, it’s up to you to make an informed pick. Remember the key factors I discussed in the buying guide section when making that choice.


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