Best Rocker Pizza Cutter

Best Rocker Pizza Cutter for Neat, CLEAN-CUT Slices

A few years back, I served my family and friends messy, worst-looking pizza slices. It was one of the most embarrassing moments of my life.

What happened?

I made BBQ chicken pizza with my new all-performing Ooni Karu 13. The crust was extra crunchy and super crispy. Its sweet aroma filled the surrounding air, and everyone was zestful about it.

So, where did I go wrong?

I never knew owning a good pizza cutter was paramount for a perfect, clean-cut pizza slice. I ruined the toppings using my kitchen knife to slice. Everyone had to hand-pick the chicken and sharp red onions. While they did eat it with love, I felt ashamed and down. I should never have used that kitchen knife.

Luckily, there are pizza cutters that deliver super clean-cut slices with ZERO stress, from rockers to wheel cutters. However, the formal is easier and surefire for beginners.

So, here are the 5 Best Rocker Pizza Cutter for mess-free, professional clean-cuts:

🥇Best Pizza Cutter Rocker

  1. Cuisinart CPS-050 Alfrescamore: [15-inch blade length]
  2. Mezzaluna Knife pizza rocker: [12-inch blade offering unique perks]
  3. BOLEXINO Rocker Pizza Cutter: [20″ Pizza Cutter]
  4. Pizza Cutter by KitchenStar: [16″ Pizza Cutter]
  5. Pizza Cutter Rocker Blade: [14-inch blade]

🤔Why Do You Need a Pizza Rocker?

After baking a pizza, it’s customary to divide the large pie into eight or more even slices. While there are several methods to do this, the rocker pizza cutter has some exciting pros.

Home chefs and pizza parlor pros love this type of pizza cutter. Why? It delivers neat cuts in one swift motion.

It’s a beginner-friendly option.

This accessory removes the hassle of keeping your hands steady as you cut. Also, it’s the quickest method for portioning your pizza. You can make several slices with fewer motions.

So, if you can’t keep your hands steady or have the patience to portion evenly, then the pizza rocker cutter is your best.

⚖️Pizza Wheel Vs. Rocker Cutter

The rocker cutter is a clear winner on many fronts. This knife portions pizzas in a fraction of the time. The traditional wheel cutter comes with a shorter blade. This means it takes longer to make a complete cut.

If it were to be a rocker cutter, the blade length would be almost equal to the pizza’s diameter. Thus, a single motion cuts through the entire pizza. So, NO more uneven pizza slices!

Another likely issue you are likely to face with the older wheel model controls. Some models come with long handles, but they are less stable. In contrast, new models have short blade covers to hold the wheel for improved stability.

Regardless of your option, none comes close to the rocker cutter’s level of control and stability.

On the downside;

They are large tools that eat up a lot of storage space.

🧾The Criteria: How I selected The Best Pizza Cutter Rocker?

The right rocker cutter can be more than just a pizza-cutting tool. Thus, offering more value for money. And here’s how to pick a rocker knife for your kitchen:


Like any kitchen tool, there’s no “one-size-fits-all” pizza rocker cutter. They are available in a wide range of size options. The short models are less than 8 inches long, while others stretch up to 12 inches.

Hence, if you want a knife that cuts through an entire pizza at once, a longer mezzaluna knife is your best bet. Keep in mind; the shorter models are way easier to handle. Thus, they can be more versatile, from making chunky healthy sauces to mincing ingredients than the longer counterpart.

Also, you might find using longer mezzaluna knives awkward. And that’s because of their overwhelming size.

In short;

If you want a knife that comes in handy for preparing salsas and pestos, you are better off with the short 8-inch models.


Rocking-style knives are available in different blade options. Some models come with a single blade, others with two. But do you need a double-blade rocker cutter for portioning pizza? NO. Although the double-blade options are touted to be faster, they are challenging to clean afterward.


A pizza cutter is just as good as its build quality, and the rocker cutter is no exemption. There are several materials used to make the blade. It’s best to opt for products with German or Japanese steel. These materials offer better durability and improved edge retention.

Also, stainless steel blades are rust-resistant and super durable. For high-end rocker cutters, I recommend going for carbon stainless steel blades.

They offer a razor-sharp edge for the cleanest cut without disturbing the toppings. The best part: you won’t be sharpening these blades anytime soon.

Handle And Grip

The right rocker pizza cutter should have an ergonomic, non-slip grip handle. If you want a standby pizza cutter, it’s essential to focus on the handle and grip.

A long mezzaluna knife should have a twin handle for better control and convenient use.

In terms of material;

Wood handles lend the pizza knife an interesting visual. But it can be slippery and tricky to use with wet hands. But the wooden model should top your watchlist if you are big on appealing aesthetics.

The same goes for metal handles. They are less comfortable than their wooden counterparts. However, some metal handles might come with some added texture to improve the grip experience.

For the best grip, hardened, food-grade plastic or rubber handles always get the top spot. Also, they are highly resistant to stains, which makes them super easy to clean.

Even better, some top products come with removable handles to serve as blade guards. Another benefit of this type of foldable design is compact storage. Long mezzalunas are known for occupying a lot of space in the kitchen cabinet, so it’s good to have this feature.

Whether it’s stainless steel, synthetic material, or wood handle, the most important thing is its ergonomic design. It’s essential that the handle provides a secure and comfortable grip. Else, the cutting performance might suffer, or worse, have to deal with wrist fatigue.

⭐Best Rocker Pizza Cutter Review

1. Cuisinart CPS-050 Alfrescamore Quick Cut Pizza Cutter

Cuisinart CPS-050 Alfrescamore is not a top pick because of its fast-growing sales or hundreds of positive reviews. This rocker knife features incredible stainless steel construction, a long blade, and a super comfortable rubber handle. It’s built to cut through toppings for the cleanest cut ever!

Cuisinart CPS-050 Alfrescamore Quick Cut Pizza Cutter

Let me clear this up;

Cuisinart CPS-050 Alfrescamore is heavy-duty. This tool rocks any pizza size into smaller portions in a single movement. So, its size may not be too comfortable if you have small hands.

This rocker blade is made out of rugged stainless steel. It retains its shiny appearance and looks brand new for many, many years. Also, the blade comes ultra sharp, allowing you to start slicing after unboxing. It’s a massive win for you, especially if you have no idea or time to sharpen a pizza cutter.

Talking of massive;

This best pizza rocker has a 15-inch blade length to portion any pizza size: small or XL. It’s long enough to slice through a 12-inch pie in one single rock motion.

It’s the quickest, easiest, and most comfortable rocker cutter on this list!

Without breaking the bank, this product comes with a hyper-smooth rubber hand grip. It runs along the entire length to support your preferred hold position. Hold it anywhere; just rock and slice – so easy.

Its big size can make it challenging to tuck away in your kitchen drawer. However, it has a hole in the blade. It helps hold the cutter close to the grill using the grill hook for easy access.

Comfortable rubber grip, outstanding edge retention, super sharp blade, and rugged durability, I recommend this product 100%. Besides, the manufacturer offers a generous 1-year warranty to sweeten the deal.

2. Stainless Steel Mezzaluna Knife with Cover – best pizza rocker

Medove 12-inch Mezzaluna Knife is the most versatile pizza cutter on this list. Its all-stainless steel construction, beautiful Medove logo inscription, and ergonomic twin handle make it a top choice.

Medove 12-inch Mezzaluna Knife

Unlike the Cuisinart CPS-050, this mezzaluna comes with a 12-inch blade offering unique perks. The blade is curvy, which makes it more compact and easier to handle. Also, it’s responsible for its fantastic versatility. Anyone can chop cheese, mince garlic, and many more with ZERO extra effort.

One of my favorite features of the Medove 12-inch Mezzaluna Knife is its all-stainless steel construction. Why? It makes this unit beautiful and very appealing to the eyes. Not just that, it guarantees a timeless look and minimal maintenance.

What’s more?

The stainless steel blade is razor sharp, too sharp that the manufacturer had to include a sheath for EXTRA protection. The blade measures 12 inches to cut through an entire pizza in one go.

Also, it comes with two handles that feel comfortable to hold. The handle helps keep a more stable rock motion for the super clean pizza slices.

If you are a big fan of pleasing aesthetics and versatile kitchen tools, no product beats Medove 12-inch Mezzaluna Knife. To handle lots of extra large pies, the Cuisinart CPS-050 should be your smart choice.

3. BOLEXINO 20″ High Carbon Stainless Steel With Non-slip Handle

For twice the price of the best-selling Cuisinart CPS-050, this model packs all the premium features to stay ahead of the competition. Multi-function cutting, ultra-sharp edge, and ergonomic Polypropylene handle make it a standby kitchen tool in any setting.


One of the top-shelf features is the high-carbon stainless steel from Japan. This high-quality material is way better than the standard stainless steel option. BOLEXINO 20″ Pizza Cutter has a sharper blade to cut through anything quickly. Also, it boosts better edge retention, so you don’t have to sharpen the knife for many years.

Speaking of the blade;

The 2mm-thick blade features the favorite brushed matte finish. If you don’t know what that is, it helps keep the knife smooth and super clean at all times. It’s unbelievably easy to wipe clean with a damp sponge.

Sadly, BOLEXINO 20″ Pizza Cutter does not have a protective sheath to protect the blade and users.

In addition to that;

The blade is 20 inches long, which makes it perfect for slicing a wide variety of pizzas. The pain of this benefit is storage. You might find it hard to store the BOLEXINO 20″ Pizza Cutter. And for people with small hands, you would be better with the elegant Medove 12-inch Mezzaluna Knife.

The handle feels premium and comfortable to hold. Its NEW non-slip handle guarantees a secure grip even if your hands are wet. This is one tool you can use for several minutes without hand fatigue.

So, do you want a rocker blade crafted with state-of-the-art engineering to make your job easier? Then the BOLEXINO 20″ Pizza Cutter is a perfect match!

4. KitchenStar 16″ Pizza Cutter 

KitchenStar 16″ Pizza Cutter is another exciting and most sought-after option. It’s the best stainless steel rocker cutter, and thousands of customers agree. This entire model is made of stainless steel, including the handle. Thus, offering outstanding durability and a stunning look to serve you for many years.

KitchenStar 16″ Pizza Cutter

Unlike its competitors, KitchenStar 16″ Pizza Cutter does not push your topping aside. Instead, this top-selling product cuts through to ensure perfect pizza slices with ZERO mess!

That’s not all;

You pick the right blade length that suits your needs: 12, 14, 16, and 18-inch. Its versatility is a massive upshot. This tool does more than just cut through deep dishes and thick-crust pizza. This professional-grade mezzaluna comes in handy for dicing and chopping herbs and foods with ease.

Even better;

This anti-rust pizza cutter has a plastic protective cover for safe storage and handling. And you don’t have to hand wash this plastic cover. It’s dishwasher-safe for a convenient cleaning experience.

But my only concern is the lack of a non-slip feature to keep the tool steady. So, it’s best to use when your hands are dried for the smoothest cut.

If you are in the market for a reliable product that can handle the rigors of daily use, KitchenStar 16″ Pizza Cutter will make you happy. Besides, the manufacturer will refund your money if you are not.

5. Pizza Cutter Rocker Blade 14 inch

This product comes in a colorful orange color and brings some life to your kitchen. However, its premium high-carbon steel engineering, slip-free and wide handle, and lower price point earn it a spot.


This product rocks a knife-quality hardened stainless steel blade that stays sharper for a quick slicing experience. Also, it requires only small pressure to get the smoothest cut with the toppings perfectly in place.

The 14-inch blade is long enough to portion a 12-inch or large pizza into eight slices in less than 30 seconds. That’s my least score.

Unlike the Cuisinart CPS-050 Alfrescamore, this product has a plastic cover to protect the blade’s edge and keep your fingers away. Plus, it’s not as heavy and oversized as my top choice. It can be a huge win for some home chefs with limited storage space.

Smaller means more effortless handling experience.

This product is not up to par with the Medove 12-inch Mezzaluna Knife in terms of versatility. Nonetheless, it’s better than using those 16-inch rocker cutters to slice, dice, and chop your food ingredients.

Worth mentioning;

Love This Kitchen Pizza Cutter features a unique handle with non-slip plastic for the best gripping experience. Weak hands or not, handling this tool is wrist-friendly and fatigue-free.

❔ Can You Sharpen A Pizza Rocker Cutter?

Over time, the blade might lose its sharpness. Luckily, these cutting tools are sharpenable to regain their razor-sharp edge.

Once your rocker cutter is losing its incredible cutting performance, it’s due for a sharpening session. I recommend taking the blade to a professional for the best result.

However, if you are not new to sharpening kitchen knives, then the pizza rocker cutter is no different. Also, you don’t have to be skeptical of using your exciting knife sharpener; it also works well for pizza cutters.

🎭Best Pizza Rocker Knives Alternatives

There are plenty of options you can use to portion your pizza should the rocker cutter go missing. I often prefer to use the mezzaluna knife for its unbeatable pizza-cutting performance. These options are not a perfect substitute, but they deliver a close performance to save the day.

Chef’s Knife

Regarding razor-sharp blades, the chef’s knife tops the list. This cutting tool is just as big and arguably sharper than the mezzaluna. The chief difference between both tools is the rocking motion and the length.

The pizza rocker cutter is usually longer than the chef’s knife. Also, I choose the chef’s knife over the specialty pizza cutter for small pies or baking jobs.

Wheel Cutter

This cutting tool features an ultra-sharp stainless steel wheel suitable for a wide type of pie. Unlike rocker cutters that require investing a good amount of dough, this product comes cheaper. You don’t have to go overboard for a high-quality one.

While they can cut through any type of pizza, their use is limited to that. They are not as versatile as rocking-style knives. The main advantage is their lower price point and small, compact size for easy storage.

Also, wheel cutters are more convenient for portioning deep-dish pizza with loads of toppings.


If you want to add more fun to the baking session, then using a pair of scissors might do the trick. They are super sharp and easy to use. However, purchasing a new one might be a tad expensive if you don’t own one.

Square or round pizza, scissors will cut through with the breeze. The best thing about this cutting tool is the nylon base. It ensures smooth cutting performance without wrecking the surface or creating a mess.

Unlike the rocker cutter, scissors are applicable on a plate, baking sheet, or pan. Although it’s not as versatile as mezzaluna knives, it can be used for cutting, trimming, etc. keep in mind it’s slower than the rocker knife.

How to Use a Pizza Rocker Cutter?

There is nothing much required by mezzaluna knives. This explains why most home chefs are investing in the best pizza-cutter rocker knives.

As the name implies, this cutting tool has a side-to-side rocking motion.

Place the knife on the pizza and make the tool rock. It only takes one rocking motion to half the pie. With super smooth four rocking movements, you get 8 perfect-cut slices.


 It hurts when little things ruin hours of effort.

 Sloppy, messy pizza slices might be the end of a long baking session without the right pizza cutter.

If you care about what and how you serve your guest, invest in one of these best rocker pizza cutters on this list. They are generally inexpensive and versatile enough to offer more value for your money.

Besides, you can only achieve that restaurant-grade pizza with a pizza cutter. Well, it’s up to you. You can use your regular kitchen knife like I did those years. Don’t just come back crying when you finally mess up everything.


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