Best Table for ooni

Best Table for ooni (Koda12, Koda16, ooni Pro) Pizza Oven

Upon receiving my Ooni Koda 16, which I had been eagerly dreaming about for nights filled with visions of delicious ham and pineapple pizza, I was excited to put it to the test.

To do so, I quickly hauled my granny’s old wooden kitchen cart outside to see if the rave reviews about the Ooni’s incredible wood-fire performance were truly game-changing.

While the resulting pizzas were mouthwatering with satisfyingly crispy crusts and beautiful leopard spotting, the table itself ended up badly charred and smoking.

As a result, I embarked on a search for the best table for Ooni Koda 16 that would prioritize sturdiness, aesthetics, stability, and storage space. After several rounds of trial and error, I have compiled a list of my top five recommended pizza oven tables capable of handling extreme heat and the unique oblong design of Ooni ovens.

🥇Best Table for ooni (koda 16, koda 12, ooni pro) pizza oven

  1. Ooni Modular Table – (Best Overall)
  2. PIZZELLO Movable Pizza Oven Trolley (Budget-friendly)
  3. TORVA Outdoor Prep Cart (Aesthetics)
  4. NUUK Three-Shelf Pizza Oven (Table Best for Storage)
  5. Inkmin Stainless Steel Pizza Oven Trolley (Best for Portability)

🙋Do I Need A Pizza Oven Table for Ooni pizza oven?

Pizza ovens can be space-consuming and hefty. So, it’s only reasonable to dedicate a spot in your backyard for these usually unwieldy devices.

However, purchasing a pizza oven table is not necessary as long as you can find a robust and heat-resistant surface to place them on, with extra space for prepping and storing your baking tools. This could be anything from a BBQ island to a permanent work surface in your garden/backyard.

But if you don’t own any of these surfaces, pizza oven tables are the perfect go-to. They are a great addition to any backyard. They are hassle-free to clean, equipped with sturdy wheels for easy transportation, and built with space saving in mind.

🤔What Are the Benefits of a Pizza Oven Stand?

In case you’re feeling doubtful about buying a pizza oven table, the following are some compelling reasons that might assist you in making your decision:

Stable cooking surface – pizza oven stands feature sturdy construction to support pizza ovens of varying weights, whether portable or hefty. They provide a stable cooking surface that allows you to prep and bake with confidence without the concern of a scorching oven tipping over.

Reliable and long-lasting – these tables for pizza ovens are built with durable materials to ensure you can leave them outdoors with zero worries about rusting. This ensures you can get many years out of them.

Multipurpose – aside from providing a safe place to bake your gorgeous pizzas, some stands come with cabinets for storage and extra space to prep your pizza ingredients. Some models might have hooks to hold your pizza peel, turner, or cutter.

Cost-effective – while commercial options can be a bit pricey, most residential pizza oven tables are affordable and perfect for leveling up your pizza game.

🔍The Criteria: What I Look For In A Best Pizza Oven Table For Ooni

To avoid making a decision you may regret later, here are the most important factors to consider before splurging on any stand:


Ooni ovens are not created the same. They come in varying sizes and shapes. So, it’s crucial that you purchase a table that works well with your device’s dimensions. To make that informed decision, you need to pay attention to the oven’s depth/length, width, and height.

Length: most Ooni ovens are usually longer than most typical work surfaces or countertops. So, for larger models, consider stands about 30 inches long to create enough space to accommodate their unique elongated design.

Width: their devices tend to have a width range from 15 to 24 inches. So, you want to factor this in when choosing a table to ensure you have that valuable extra spare space to reduce the chances of your oven falling off.

I recommend purchasing a table at least 30 inches wide for a 16-inch Ooni oven for extra prep space. But if you don’t need that space or own a 12-inch model oven, a 24-inch wide stand will do.

Height: this is another factor to consider, as you need a table that places your oven too high or too low. This can be an uncomfortable experience – constantly bending over or jumping to oversee your searing pizzas.

However, I find a 35-inch tall table perfect, but that’s just me. It might be different for you.


These heavyweight models generate a lot of high heat for a long period, which, when placed on the wrong surface, could result in property damage and even endanger lives.

For an island or fixed outdoor countertop, it’s important the surface is made of concrete, tile, stone, or granite. But if you are purchasing a pizza oven stand, stick with stainless steel. They are weather, corrosion, and rust-resistant. Plus, they are a cinch to clean and will look great in any outdoor or indoor setting.

Also, it would be best to eschew glass and plastic-made oven stands. They are susceptible to breaking, warping, or melting under extreme heat.

Additionally, it would be best not to spring toward wooden tables; they are deceptively sturdy and have a captivating design that makes them look suitable to handle the high oven temperatures.

Alternatively, place a heat-resistant board/tray to protect the table to attenuate the risk of burning or charring them.


If you will be spending hundreds of dollars on a stand, then it better looks astonishing. The best table for an Ooni pizza oven should have a design that adds style and elegance to your garden, balcony or backyard.

Additionally, the design should be practical to enhance user experience. For instance, an adjustable shelf allows you to customize the size of the stand’s surface to hold different-sized objects. Another valuable feature to pay attention to is the storage compartment and drawers to neatly store away cutting boards, utensils, baking steel, etc.


There are three common types of pizza oven tables, and it’s essential to make the right pick for optimum user experience.

Folding tables

Folding tables are the perfect choice for camp trips. They are incredibly versatile and a breeze to set and pack up. They are built with varying materials, from stainless steel to aluminum. So, it’s essential to pick a heat-resistant one to avoid any potential fire hazard.

Roll-up tables

These lightweight tables are another decent option for camping. They are effortless to transport and set up on your outdoor pizza adventures. Like folding tables, they are made of resilient materials like polyester fabric and aluminum.


Cart-style pizza tables are equipped with casters or wheels to provide smooth transportation. They are available in different sizes, shapes, and materials, including wood. These larger tables are usually used in deck or patio areas.

Furthermore, they are more likely to offer the extra space I already recommended for prepping and storage. Also, choosing one with a rack to accommodate your firewood or propane tank is essential. Plus, you should consider opting for a model with wheels for convenient transportation and a brake or locking system to ensure a wobble-free experience during cooking.

And, perhaps, more importantly, shelves, holders, or hooks to help organize and hold your pizza peels, stone brushes, turners, and other baking tools.

⭐Best Table For Ooni (Updated Review)

1. Ooni Modular Table – Large

In my opinion, the Ooni Modular Table is the ultimate pizza stand for any Ooni oven. What makes it stand out? Firstly, it’s made by the same brand, ensuring a perfect fit for your oven. This spacious table also boasts a robust stainless steel work surface and powder-coated carbon steel legs that can endure any challenge, no matter the weather.

Ooni Modular Table

I’m particularly impressed with its height, which allows you to hang your accessories without touching the ground, even the longest ones. Moreover, the table’s legs have four wheels for convenient transportation. However, two of the four wheels can be locked to ensure your oven never wobbles or creeps around.

Worth mentioning: there’s a medium option perfect for smaller Ooni’s if you don’t want to invest in this larger table.

Key Features:

Durable steel and stainless steel construction ー The top surface is beautiful and shiny and will remain so for many years, thanks to its commercial-grade stainless steel. Also, you can easily wipe it clean to restore its pristine and luxe look. The powder-coated carbon steel frame is rust-resistant to harsh outdoor conditions and won’t wear quickly.

Compatible with all Ooni ovens measuring 31 x 31 x 35 inches, the Modular is perfect for your oven with ample room to prep, even the largest Ooni 16 or the unwieldy Gozney Dome. Plus, it has one of the highest weight capacities of 132 lbs, guaranteeing it won’t bend or break under pressure.

Practical adjustable shelves ー this popular choice stand has a lot of storage space for your propane tank, firewood, or pellets (everything fits in there). The best part is the middle shelf can be repositioned to suit your storage needs. Talking of storage, it has built-in hooks that are perfect for hanging your baking accessories and other utensils for easy access.

Wheels for mobility ー Equipped with four wheels, this unit makes it easy to transport your heft oven with the least effort. Also, two wheels feature a caster lock to ensure the stand never wobbles or creeps around while churning out delectable pies.

Best For:

Folks looking to pay a high price for a premium, timeless-looking stand to accommodate their oven while still offering huge storage space for bits and pieces.


  • Eye-catching all-metal design, which adds an exciting visual to your backyard or patio
  • Adjustable shelves to keep your pizza-making accessories neat and organized
  • Available in two size options that work perfectly for all Ooni pizza oven
  • Assembling only takes a couple of minutes.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied


  • On the pricey side

2. PIZZELLO Movable Pizza Oven Trolley

If you ask me, the Pizzello Pizza Oven Trolley is the best budget-friendly stand on the market. The reason? Despite its low price point, this worktable features food-grade stainless steel construction to withstand daily wear and tear. Additionally, the unit has an impressive array of features, including a propane tank hook and an expandable countertop, leaving little to no room for error.

PIZZELLO Movable Pizza Oven Trolley

I love how this beautiful black worktable doubles nicely as an indoor dining table when you have many guests and need an extra table. Another noteworthy feature is the stainless steel handle, which makes it effortless to move the trolley between indoor and outdoor areas, adding to its convenience and functionality.

Key Features:

Collapsible Design ㅡ It’s great to see this affordable tabletop featuring a foldable design that not only saves space but also makes transportation incredibly effortless. The side countertop can collapse with ease and is capable of accommodating a maximum weight of 65 lbs, while the main table is capable of holding a pizza oven weighing up to 200 lbs.

Perfect size ㅡ While it’s not as tall as the Ooni Modular, this unit holds your oven at a convenient height of 20.5 inches to avoid bending over when giving your pizza a spin. Also, the main table measures 22 x 24.7 inches, with plenty of space to hold a 12-inch pizza oven with no concerns.

Ample storage options ㅡ this garden cart comes complete with a propane bracket to securely hang your propane gas tank, which frees up the bottom storage space for storing wood, pellets, and other cooking utensils. As if it’s not enough, it comes with a large stainless steel side handle that is handy for hanging kitchen towels, utensils, oven mitts, aprons, etc. This is a feature missing on most premium trolleys.

Best For:

Pizza bakers are looking for the best table for Ooni Koda 12 or other portable ovens at a steal price.


  • Wheels easily around the house every day without wearing or tearing
  • Available at an affordable price point
  • Excellent-grade alloy steel construction to ensure you get many years out of this trolly
  • This BBQ or pizza oven cart can double as a stylish dining tabletop.


  • Not the best table for Ooni Koda 16 or larger models, except if you are willing to screw on two aftermarket brackets to hold it securely.

3. TORVA Outdoor Prep Cart

The TORVA Outdoor Prep Cart is my top pick for adding striking views to your backyard or patio, thanks to its availability in different stylish hues and shiny stainless steel top. It features a revolutionary HDPE material on the frame that ensures this latest model from Torva is all-weather proof – no discoloration or deformation.

TORVA Outdoor Prep Cart

Aside from style, I love how one could easily use this flat table top for various applications, from pizza ovens, and stands to BBQ grills to plotting tables. The TORVA Outdoor Prep Cart does not disappoint if it comes to value for money.

Key Features:

Innovative HDPE frame construction ― one of its hallmarks is its all-weather design that guarantees you can leave this table outdoors without fearing discoloration or wear and tear. Furthermore, the table is topped with a durable, rust-resistant stainless steel countertop that is easy to maintain. Thus staying clean at all times with minimal effort.

Six beautiful color options ― to ensure this worktable matches your outdoor setting, it’s available in several interesting hues, from black to navy blue. Also, it’s easier to use as a multifunctional stand since you have it in unique colors.

Well-balanced weight distribution ― weighing about 40 pounds, this heavy-duty outdoor cart stays firm, preventing any mounted objects from toppling over.

Best For:

Homeowners are seeking an elegant pizza oven stand that can serve as a sturdy base for heavy items while enhancing their backyard’s aesthetics.


  • It comes at a reasonable price tag
  • Attractive design for a wide range of applications
  • It comes with an easy-to-follow instruction manual for easy setup
  • Features two table legs and two castor wheels for seamless transportation and surface stability
  • This unit comes in six beautiful colors that customers can choose from to match their outdoor décor


  • The included wrench is flimsy and won’t do the job
  • Also, the cart tends to wobble when cleaning the oven

4. NUUK Three-Shelf Pizza Oven Table

When it comes to storage, this product is one of my top picks due to its three-shelf design. Unlike the Ooni Modular, this pizza oven stand has an excellent pull-out middle drawer to save you the stress and risk of getting underneath a hot oven. Also, it has a propane bracket to hang your propane tanks and pegs on the side for your cook utensils.

NUUK Three-Shelf Pizza Oven Table

There’s more to love about this mid-range trolley. Its construction is impeccable. The flat table top, drawer, and frame are solid steel and coated with black powder for an aesthetically pleasing and weatherproof oven stand.

Key Features:

Solid steel top ― the topped flat table top features an unquestionable steel construction, ensuring it does not warp under high heat or discolor after prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Measuring 24 x 30 inches, this premium steel top offers ample space to mount your Ooni pizza ovens with space to spare on all sides or use as a prep table for outdoor cooking.

Three shelves structure  ― Like the popular choice, Ooni Modular, this mid-range option has lots of storage space to hold your cooking fuels and accessories for a neat workspace. Even better, it has a unique pull-out middle drawer with a safety stopper for easy access to your grill accessories, cooking dish, seasonings, etc., without going under the fierce-hot oven.

Hooks, brackets, and handles ― this utility cart has a tank holder to safely hang your 20 lbs propane tank, while the three pegs on the other side are handy for keeping your pizza turner, peel, peel, and other cooking tools. On top of that, I find two bakelite handles very practical for pulling and maneuvering the whole trolley with zero stress.

Best For:

Outdoor chefs desire an elegant all-black stand to house their sizable pizza oven and provide abundant storage space for cooking accessories and fuel.


  • Rugged, weatherproof steel construction to last decades
  • Ample space on the top shelf to fit large, hefty ovens
  • Slide-out middle drawer to keep your hands away from the heat
  • Convenient cooking height – no need to bend over when turning your yummy pizzas
  • Maximum weight capacity of 100 lbs


All legs come with castor wheels, which I noticed rock a little, but nothing topples over. However, if you intend to move the table around frequently, consider purchasing aftermarket wheels for smoother and more stable mobility.

5. Inkmin Stainless Steel Pizza Oven Trolley

If you have a diminutive patio or backyard space and need a compact stand, the Inkmin Outdoor Dining Cart is your best bet. Why? It features a collapsible design, allowing you to customize the desktop size to suit your needs. In its fold-down form, this model only measures 21.25×18.9 inches, significantly smaller than other models on this list.

Inkmin Stainless Steel Pizza Oven Trolley

What else do I love about this small-sized trolley? It features a commercial-grade stainless steel construction that can support any object up to 218 lbs without bending or breaking. Such a reliable product would have come at a hefty price, but not this one.

Key Features:

Handy foldable desktop design ― this unique layout allows you to create extra space for prepping your ingredients and fold away to fit tight space while offering an effortless carrying experience.

Versatile outdoor cart ― because of its compact yet expandable design, this unit can serve as a food prep worktable, working table, outdoor BBQ grill, and pizza oven trolley. This is more valuable than you ever bargained for.

All-stainless steel construction ― every part, except for the wheels, is made of stainless steel, including the handy bakelite handle and hooks. In my opinion, this is an excellent balance between versatility, durability, and ease of maintenance. You don’t have to worry about purchasing another in a few days due to rust spots or discoloration.

Best For:

Homeowners with limited outdoor space who want to make memorable pizzas quickly and efficiently without compromising on quality


  • Space-saving design perfect for diminutive outdoor space
  • Easy to put together into a solid base to support your portable pizza oven or BBQ grill
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Expandable design for extra space to prep your ingredients


  • While the four castor wheels made transportation easy, like the Ooni Modular, it’s not as stable. It tends to rock slightly, but this is not a terrible deal breaker.

ooni Table Alternative

The Stoke Pizza Cart

The Ooni Modular is a high-priced gem that might burn a hole in your pocket. If you’re not prepared for such a hefty financial commitment, the Stoke Pizza Cart stands as an excellent alternative to the Ooni’s premium Modular Table.

The Stoke Pizza Cart

Side by side, I couldn’t tell the differences between both pizza tables. The engineering finesse is comparable, boasting a robust powder-coated carbon steel frame that won’t flinch under harsh outdoor pressure.

Moreover, both offer a top-notch stainless steel surface, two handy storage shelves, built-in hooks, and two lockable castors. In all honesty, I couldn’t discern any notable advantage of the Modular Pizza Oven over the Stoke Pizza Cart.

Advantageous Features of the Stoke Pizza Cart

Robust Steel Construction: The Key Strength of the Stoke Trolley

This outdoor kitchen cart is built to last with its carbon steel construction. The frame feels well-made, durable, and substantiated. Given its more affordable price point, I’m thrilled it effortlessly bears the weight of large pizza ovens such as the hefty 127-pound Gozney Dome.

On top of that, the frames being powder-coated is a plus. It alleviates any concerns about potential corrosion and rusting. I also think it adds to the overall aesthetics of my outdoor kitchen.

Stainless Steel Work Surface Offering a Sturdy Base for ALL Pizza Ventures

Following the footsteps of the popular Ooni Modular, this budget-friendly work surface is meticulously crafted from stainless steel. It offers enough space to hold my significantly larger Ooni Karu 16 without a hint of instability.

Despite subjecting this cart to the intense heat from my powerful Karu 16 weekly, there’s still no sign of warping. In addition, this stainless steel surface lives up to its reputation for high resistance against stains, odors, and the buildup of pesky bacteria.

Loads of Storage Options for Optimizing Baking Performance

The Stoke Cart is generously equipped with shelves at two different heights and convenient built-in hooks, providing a plethora of storage options. Everything I need to cook up a storm can all be in one place – neat and organized.

This saves valuable time that I would otherwise have spent searching for the pizza cutter or peel that’s right in front of me the whole time.

Is The Stoke Pizza Cart Worth It?

I couldn’t be more satisfied with this kitchen trolley. A sturdy platform to whip up delectable pizzas over the weekend, all without burning a hole in my pocket — now that’s a real steal. 

Featuring handy storage options to hold my cutter, peel, canister, or pellet bags, that means bye to those incessant long trips. Not only does it make baking more convenient for me, but it is also fun and less tiring.

If this doesn’t qualify as money well-spent, then I don’t know what does!

📊Comparison of the Table for ooni Pizza Oven

  Ooni Modular Table PIZZELLO Outdoor Pizza Oven Trolley TORVA Outdoor Prep Cart NUUK Outdoor Pizza Oven Table Inkmin Outdoor Pizza Oven Trolley
Best For Overall Budget Aesthetics Storage Portability
Build Quality Powder coated mild steel and stainless steel Alloy Steel Powder-coated mild steel and stainless steel Steel Stainless Steel
Size of the Top Shelf (inches) 31 x 31 22 x 26.5 34 x 19 31.25 x 26 22 x 34.7
Height (inches) 35 29.5 33 33.5 29.5
Side Shelf No Yes No No Yes
Number of Shelves 3 2 2 3 2
Item Weight 57 lbs 24.5 lbs 31.8 lbs 47 lbs 25.5 lbs
Max Load Capacity 132 lbs 220 lbs   100 lbs 218 lbs

Can my camping table double as a pizza oven stand?

It’s okay to use your old camping table as a pizza oven table. Remember that the camping table needs to be built with sturdy materials and have a heat-resistant surface. Also, the camping table should support the oven’s weight and be large enough to accommodate the Ooni’s elongated design to prevent wobbling or tipping over.
More importantly, a camping table is not ideal for long-term use because of its portable and feeble construction. So, purchase a pizza oven stand for a permanent and reliable table for your Ooni.

Is it okay if I use my Ooni Karu 12 on a glass table?

No, Ooni pizza ovens are known for reaching extreme temperatures quickly, which can cause the glass to warp or crack. Also, it’s not safe to mount your Karu 12 on a plastic table.

Under such terrific heat, they will likely melt or even start a fire. Thus, sticking with metal options is best for a safe and efficient pizza-baking experience.


Choosing the best table for Ooni can be overwhelming, especially if you are not considering the brand’s premium Modular stand.

In this post, I’ve reviewed my favorite trolleys that are not only compatible with all Ooni ovens but also versatile enough to serve as an outdoor BBQ grill, food prep worktable, kitchen cart, and more.

So, don’t let the overwhelming options hold you back from the best pizza-making experience. Take a look at my top picks and choose the one that best fits your needs.


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