Best Detroit Pizza Pan

Best Detroit Pizza Pan for Making Signature Detroit-style Pizzas

The first time I tried making the Detroit-style pizza, I did not make the pizzeria-quality mark with my cake pans. The outcome was nothing like the signature caramelized cheese crust edge and crispy bottom I hoped to achieve.

You probably also tried using your 9-inch round cake pan, brownie pan, cast iron skillets, or sheet cake pans. Did you get a closer result? But don’t worry;

There are specialty pizza pans designed to make authentic Detroit-style pizza. They deliver airy dough and flavorful, caramelized cheese crust perimeter.

So, if you want bakeware for creating high-quality slices of Detroit-style pizza, you start eating with a fork and end up with your hands; here are the Best Detroit Style Pizza Pan that do the trick.

🥇Best Detroit-Style Pizza Pan of 2024

  1. Superior heat conduction: [Chef Pomodoro Bakeware]
  2. Editor’s Pick: [LloydPans Kitchenware]
  3. BEST FOR VALUE: [New Seasoned Authentic DSP Pan]

🤔What Is A Detroit-Style Pizza Pan?

As the name implies, these unique pizza pans are designed for baking authentic Detroit-style pizza. This bakeware gives this staple its personality 一 caramelized cheese edge, thick golden crust, and distinctive rectangular shape.

This specialty pizza pan is available in different size options. However, it’s characterized by a rectangular shape measuring 10 by 14 inches. Its 2.5-inch depth is one of its astonishing features. It allows you to make a deep dish exquisite pizza with loads of ingredients.

Additionally, the DSP pans are made of various materials, including steel and hard anodized aluminum. These materials do not need breaking-in or seasoning, which saves time. Plus, they retain pizza flavor to ensure subsequent ones taste better and are more savory.

⚖️Detroit-Style Pizza Vs. Neapolitan Pizza

Detroit-style pizza and Neaoplitan pizza are common staples in many homes. They have rich histories deeply rooted in their originating cities: Detroit and Naples. However, there are more differences between these two styles of pizza.

The Detroit-style pizza has some unique attributes. It has a thick and doughy crust with a crispy bottom. This fine cuisine features a different construction. The topping goes directly on the crust before the cheese and the red sauce complement this masterpiece. Hence, it earns the name “Detroit Red Top” because of the drizzling red sauce on the top surface to avoid a soggy crust.

The traditional topping for a Detroit-style pizza includes tomato sauce, Wisconsin brick cheese, and pepperoni. The pan’s edge also features a generous amount of brick cheese, which delivers the caramelized golden cheese crust perimeter.

On the other hand;

Neapolitan pizza is round with a thin crispy crust. This style of pizza requires a high-heat oven of up to 800 degrees F to bake the pie in less than 90 seconds. Hence, it’s recommended to use a wood-fired pizza oven. The crust becomes crispy, crunchy, and slightly charred at such extreme temperatures for a delicious dish.

Unlike Detroit-style pizza, this pie requires you to allow the dough to settle to avoid fluffy results. And, since a Neapolitan pizza is so thin, it can’t hold the weight of hearty toppings. A typical Neapolitan pizza topping includes fresh mozzarella, olive oil, oregano, and basil leaves.

📈What Makes Detroit-Style Pizza Different?

Detroit-style pizza comes in an iconic thick square cut with a crunch crust covered with sumptuous melted cheese. This pizza style differs from Sicilian pizza, which has a fluffier base.

The edges feature beautifully hugging caramelized cheese. It has a more crunchy crust and a chewy, gooey center.

Furthermore, pepperoni is the primary topping for this pizza style. However, it’s not the typical large, flat round one featured on most pan pizzas. The Detroit Style Pizza has curled-up thick pepperoni slices that look like tiny cups. The best bit is these curled-up pepperoni slices hold more fat to enhance your pizza quality.

🧪How I Picked The Best Detroit-Style Pizza Pan?


The best Detroit pizza pan for you should come in the right size. This would allow you to make an exquisite dish to feed several hungry people at once.

Thus, it’s vital to determine the number of people you intend to feed before making a choice. The larger the number, the larger the Detroit-style pizza pan needed.

Luckily, there are different size options, from 8 to 22 inches. If you want to create personal pies, an 8 or 10-inch option will work. For a family of 5, I recommend the sizable 14-inch pan to create a whopper. But if you need to make a Detroit-style pizza for a hungry crowd, you should consider at least a 16-inch size.


Detroit pizza pans are not created equal. They are constructed using different materials to offer unique, appealing consumer benefits. So, it’s paramount to have a basic understanding of these materials to make a smart decision.

Cast iron

Cast iron is durable, rugged, and heavyweight. They have a natural non-stick performance that gets better with every seasoning. This is one of its hallmarks. You don’t have to worry about nasty chemicals. Furthermore, they handle heat better, thanks to their high heat transfer and retention. Ultimately, they deliver some of the best Detroit-style pizzas.

Aluminized steel

This is another standard option. It offers the best of both worlds. It mixes steel’s incredible strength and aluminum’s tremendous heat performance. Combining these two excellent metals makes the aluminized steel pan a worthy investment. However, they require cautious maintenance to avoid corrosion.

Carbon steel

Carbon steel is a cousin to the rugged cast iron material. However, it’s smoother and thinner since it’s pressed instead of cast. This material is lighter, a fundamental characteristic of a deep-dish pizza pan. However, it offers rivalry performance when used as a Detroit-style pizza pan.

Similarly, carbon steel pans need seasoning and preheating for the best results.

Anodized aluminum

Lightweight and durable, anodized aluminum pans make a fine choice. Unlike the classic aluminum models, these anodized versions don’t warp or scratch. This explains their heftier price point. But it is still relatively cheaper than other options.


Detroit-style pizza pans feature heat and stick-resistant materials like Teflon and nylon. Many coating options are available to ensure no problem retrieving your pizza.

One of my favorite non-stick coatings is silicon. This coating eliminates the hassle of seasoning and constantly maintaining your pan. Silicon-glazed pans release your masterpiece smoothly onto your serving tray. Also, I love anodized hard-coated bakeware. They are less susceptible to corrosion. These pans are hard to miss with their dark coating that rarely flakes.

Weight & Handling

What role does weight play in making a sumptuous pie? It’s easy for shoppers to overlook this essential factor. Heavyweight models have higher heat resistance. And, of course, they are less likely to lose shape or color under extreme temperatures. The downside to these hulk-like pans is handling. They can be challenging to handle. Keep in mind they don’t come with comfortable carrying handles. You are better off with a light Detroit-style pizza pan if you have weak hands.

⭐Best Detroit Style Pizza Pan

1. LloydPans Kitchenware 10 by 14 Inch Detroit Style Pizza Pan

Want to make delicious homemade Detroit pizzas for your average pizza party without stress? Your best bet is the LloydPans Kitchenware 10 by 14 Inch Detroit Style Pizza Pan. This made-in-the-USA is the most recommended pan with thousands of pleased customers.

LloydPans Kitchenware

This bakeware works straight out of the box. It does not require seasoning or any maintenance before you get right at it.

It comes with the groundbreaking Pre-Seasoned Tuff-Kote (PSTK) Coating. This cooking surface is also metal utensil safe. So, you can break the crusted cheese from the pan’s sides and not worry about compromising its quality.

Plus, it offers a superior food release performance. Bake and take out your exquisite Detroit-style pizza with ZERO stress.

Also, this is the easiest pan to clean. You can use a paper towel to wipe the excess oil and crumbs, and you are done.

Another thing impressive about this American-made pan is its ADVANCED hard-anodized aluminum construction. It’s just as sturdy and high-performing as the original blue steel models. I can run a truck through it, and it won’t do much damage. It’s DU-RA-BLE!

That aside, this unit can handle the extreme temperature up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit. I had no trouble using this bakeware in my kitchen oven or my hotter outdoor wood-fired pizza ovens. Its commercial-grade quality and dark coat offer the quickest heating performance. Thus resulting in a consistently excellent crust with a caramelized cheese edge.

On top of that;

This unit is surprising when used for enchiladas, bread, casseroles, and roasting meats. Its versatility makes it worth its weight in gold.

The only issue here is its high price point. However, It helps you make that signature Detroit-style pizza FOOLPROOF. Secondly, many top chefs recommend this pan. No doubt, this is the best investment you can ever make. Buy once, cry one!

2. Chef Pomodoro Detroit-Style Pizza Pan

Suppose you are anything like me, an unapologetic lover of Mac N Cheese. In that case, you can’t go wrong with Chef Pomodoro Pan.

Chef Pomodoro

This product features cutting-edge hard-anodized aluminum construction. It brings excellent heating performance. Thus, ensuring the pan crisps, the crust caramelizes the cheese at the edge and fries the rendered cheese fat at the bottom. The result is always a high-quality, savory slice of deep-dish pizza.

Talking of its sturdy construction;

This DSP pan can go into any oven at high temperatures, close to 1000 Degrees Fahrenheit, without warping.

Like my top choice, this model measures ten by 14 inches with a 2.5-inch depth. The tall walls are perfect for making thick, hearty Detroit-style pizza packed with many fillings.

Hence, I use the Chef Pomodoro pizza pan for other purposes. I make focaccia and casseroles, super-thick brownies, and extra-sized cakes. Plus, it saves me money – no need to purchase a separate Sicilian pan.

Furthermore, this pan has a stick-resistant coating. Hence making it easier for your sumptuous masterpiece to fall off intact. Sadly, its anodized finish is not as durable as the LloydPans Kitchenware. It’s not very friendly to metal utensils. But adding a thin layer of non-stick oil improves its already impressive non-stick performance.

If you do a lot of high-heat cooking, purchase the Chef Pomodoro pizza pan. No product comes close.

3. New Seasoned 10 x 14 – Authentic STEEL Detroit Style Pizza Pan

Made of commercial-grade 26 gauge steel, this American-pride DSP pan is rugged and durable. It’s almost indestructible. I’ve had mine for over three years, and its performance improves with every use.

New Seasoned 10 x 14 – Authentic

Unlike my aluminum cookie sheet, the New Seasoned Authentic Pan offers a superior heating performance. I’ve used this DSP pan more than a dozen times, and the crispy edges and bottom make me proud. This is something I couldn’t achieve with my tossed-away aluminum cookie sheet.

What’s more?

This specialty pizza pan has a 100% All-Natural, Non-toxic coating for easy food release. Not just that, the canola-oil-based coating protects your pan. No flaking or sticking experience ever!

Also, I love the fact that the product saves time and stress. This pan does not need breaking in like other cheap models I’ve tried. This all-steel model bakes an extra thick crust evenly with a crispy edge and bottom and a doughier middle. The best bit is it retains pizza flavor to savor the next ones even better.

If you want a pan, you can be confident in delivering an authentic Detroit-style pizza pan; this is it. Don’t come back crying when those cheap, sticky pans ruin your masterpiece.

🔀Detroit Style Pizza Pan Alternative

If you love Detroit-style pizza, it has to be for its unique crust style and thickness or its hearty ingredients. Regardless, this staple is distinctive and characterized by a rectangular shape.

However, making a great one needs the specialty Detroit-style pizza pan, which has a salty price tag. Suppose you occasionally crave and result in making this style of pizza. In that case, it’s smart to consider alternatives to save money.

Metal Cake Pan

This is the first go-to if you need something other than a Detroit-style pizza pan that works as well. I’ve two 9×13-inch metal Cake pans with tall walls, which tally with the intrinsic characteristics of a Detroit-style pizza pan.

However, applying non-stick cooking oil allows you to take out your pizza without stress.

Enameled Cast Iron Rectangular Roasting Pan

If you own this mouthful pan, you can pull this feat off without a Detroit-style pizza pan.

The enameled cast iron rectangular roasting pan has a notorious heating performance. It can withstand extreme temperatures. Also, it transfers the heat intensely to cook bulky food up to the middle.

Thus, it is suitable for baking thick dishes: Cornbread biscuits, Lasagna, and Detroit-style pizza is no different.

Besides, it has a high-performing, non-stick cooking surface. This guarantees a super easy pizza retrieval and cleaning afterward.

Glass Cake Dish

Before you turn down this option, you should know that glass is unbelievably sturdy. They can take the high heat up to 500 degrees and not break.

Another core benefit is its natural non-stick association with marinara sauce and cheese. Nothing really clings to its super smooth surface. Hence, they are a cinch to clean.

The only concerning factor is the shape. Most glass cake pans lack sharp corners. Thus, they can’t create that characteristic rectangular shape of Detroit-style pizza.

🦠How to Clean a Detroit-style Pizza Pan?

Every cookware should be kept clean; the same goes for Detroit-style pizza pans. Luckily, this pan is simple to clean and won’t take any more of your time.

  • A Detroit-style pizza pan should never be washed with water and soap. It’s imperative that you don’t expose this bakeware to water.
  • Instead of soapy water, use a 5-inch plastic scraper to eliminate the crumbs and excess oil. Also, there should be no leftover or stuck-on debris inside the pan.
  • Keep the Detroit-style pizza pan in a clean, dry place until the next pizza party.

📝How To Season A Detroit-Style Pizza Pan?

Getting a nice, crispy crust hinges on how well you season your Detroit-style pizza pan. Here’s the easiest way to do it:

Add spray oil or vegetable oil to create a thin coat of oil. Make sure it covers the entire pan, including the edges.

Heat the pan in your oven for a couple of minutes.

Also, sprinkle corn flour over the thin, oil-coated pan before baking to create a crispier result.

Note: allow the seasoned pan to cool completely before introducing your dough. This helps avoid a tough, sticky experience.

💬Detroit-Style Pizza Pan-Related FAQ

Is deep-dish the same as Detroit style?

It’s easy to mistake a deep-dish pizza for a Detroit-style pizza. The Chicago-style pizza is usually circular as opposed to rectangular Detroit-style pizza. Another difference is that Detroit-style pizza is cheesy and has an airier texture. The deep dish, on the other hand, is more bready and buttery.

Can you make Detroit-style pizza in a glass pan?

There are alternatives to Detroit-style pizza pans. One of them is a glass cake pan. These pans are rugged, heat-resistant glass that won’t scatter at extreme temperatures.

It can be a decent bakeware for making caramelized cheese-hugging thick pizza. However, you might not get that perfect rectangular shape.

Is Detroit-style pizza pan dishwasher-safe?

It’s best to hand wash these pans and avoid exposure to moisture. In most cases, you should be able to wipe clean with a paper towel. These pans’ non-stick performance gets better with each seasoning. So, you don’t want to risk that by tossing it into a dishwasher.


The best pan for Detroit-style pizza should come in size, weight, price, and thickness that suits you. Several options can help bake conveniently at home. But if you want an authentic Detroit pizza pan, you should consider any DSP pans I mentioned. They helped improve my baking skills and boosted my confidence.

But if you are still trying to decide which DSP pan to invest in, purchase the LloydPans Kitchenware DSP Pan. It delivers the best baking performance, regardless of who you are.


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