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It all began during my teenage years when a whimsical trip to Italy ignited a lifelong love affair with pizza. Those enchanting Neapolitan streets, the aroma of wood-fired ovens, and the simple yet divine combination of fresh ingredients sparked an unquenchable craving for the perfect slice.

Mahi Bose

Fast forward to the challenging days of the COVID-19 pandemic, where isolation and uncertainty became the norm. It was then that I resurrected my trusty rolling pin and decided to turn my love for pizza into a profession.

Tim Anderson is the founder of papasprimopizza® and has been in the pizza industry since 1998. Since then, his mission has been to make a pizza lover's guy into a personal pizzaiolo. And each year, he continues to help more people with Pizza chemistry, pizza Crust, pizza oven, and oven troubleshooting.


Luckily, I was able to get Tim Anderson on board. He and I go long back, and essentially, we bonded over madness for all things delicious and indulgent. What began as a therapeutic hobby became a full-blown passion project for both of us.

As a passionate pizza baker with nearly 15 years of home baking experience and 5 years of professional baking experience at a local pizzeria, I compulsively buy and test products that help me hone my craft. 

Apart from well-rounded product reviews on various pizza ovens, baking utensils, and other gadgets, we also offer troubleshooting tips, techniques, ingredient comparisons, and more to help hobbyists like you up your pizza game.

  • Five years of professional and 15 years of collective experience in making traditional Neapolitan, Sicilian, NY-style, Chicago Deep Dish, and many lesser-hyped varieties of pizzas as well. 
  • Has a degree in Food Science and curated pizza recipes for more than a dozen food blogs. 
  • Is an avid product tester who personally tests and reviews a wide range of products, from pizza ovens, stones, and peels to cheese and sauces.