Best Pizza Delivery Bag

Best Pizza Delivery Bag to Keep Your Pies Hot and Fresh

I’ve had a lot of embarrassing moments in my life. But I cannot forget the disappointed look on my customer’s face when I delivered a messy pizza box that was nearly cold. The worst part is I needed to explain and apologize without sounding stupid.

And, if you have ever had to deal with such a situation, you would agree it’s challenging to come up with a solid excuse. It’s not only embarrassing, but it might also cost your business.

But don’t worry.

There are food bags with incredible thermal insulation. They hold pizzas at the right temperature longer to ensure your customers get a piping-hot delivery.

I found the best pizza delivery bag and FOUR more! Now, you can establish your business as an authority in the food service industry.

🥇Best Pizza Delivery Bags For 2024

  1. BEST FOR CAPACITY: [Cherrboll Pizza Delivery Bag]
  2. Editor’s Pick: [Rubbermaid Delivery Bag]
  3. BEST FOR VALUE: [Homevative Insulated Pizza Delivery Bag]


👩‍💼How Do Pizza Delivery Bags Work?

Pizza delivery bags are designed to keep your take-out delivery steaming hot without lacking presentation. They are made of thermal-insulated materials, like nylon and vinyl, to trap heat effectively. Also, these nifty delivery bags have a venting system to allow the steam to escape, preventing the pizza from getting soggy and out of style.

Eliminating moisture and holding the pizza’s ideal temperature are core working principles of the pizza delivery bag. Hence, it’s the pizza delivery guy’s most important tool.

🤔Why Do You Need An Insulated Bag?

Every food service business that offers home delivery needs an insulation bag, and here are the reasons:

Keep pizza hot and crispy

Regardless of the distance, your business must deliver fresh and hot pizza to customers. Pizza delivery bags provide the proper insulation to hold the temperature for several minutes. Otherwise, the delivery becomes cold, soggy, and unpalatable, hurting your business reputation.

Better hygiene

If you are in the food service industry, I don’t need to stress the importance of cleanliness. According to the CDC, more than 48 million Americans suffer from food poisoning. Putting this stat into perspective, one in every six Americans has to go through this ordeal. And every year, approximately 3,000 lives are lost to this foodborne disease.

What will happen if your customers discover that your pizza is the underlying reason for recurrent food poisoning?

Pizza bags come with an ingenious zipper system to protect the take-out from dust and smoke contaminating your delivery. You don’t want to risk your customer’s health.

Versatile design

While these thermal bags are commonly used to deliver sumptuous pizza in perfect condition, you can use them to deliver any food. You can use a pizza delivery bag to efficiently transport subs, wings, and other fast food items with the correct size.

Saves time

Pizza bags are available in a wide selection of sizes. You can pick a bag with enough room to hold a substantial amount of pizzas.

This way, you can serve several customers at once. They can have their steaming hot pizza while the restaurants can focus on the next batch or other essential tasks.

🕵️Never Settle for Cold Pizza Again: Choose the Best insulated pizza delivery bag.


Insulation is the most crucial factor about these pizza bags. The best food delivery bags are integrated with special thermal insulation features for perfect deliveries.

This feature greatly affects how long the bag can keep the fast food item at an ideal temperature. Some products can maintain your pizza’s crispness and perfect serving temperature for up to 30 minutes. Other bags might fall behind but are still suitable for short-distance delivery.

However, I look for aluminum or nylon insulation layers as they keep food warm for an extended period.


Food delivery bags are made of different materials, from hard cloths to polyester and nylon. Nylon pizza bags offer a shiny appearance to project your business as an authority in this space. Also, it’s durable enough to allow you to make the most out of it.

Also, vinyl exterior is another option I consider, especially when I’m cost-conscious. It’s cheaper and suitable for short-distance delivery. This material tends to trap moisture which results in soggy pizza.

Bag Closure

These delivery bags sport different closure types, which is a vital feature to weigh before making a purchase. The kind of closure you choose can affect the quality of your pizza. The right one should protect your delivery from dust and smoke, which can contaminate the food.

Some standard options are buckle closure, a hook-and-loop closure, and zipper closure. Also, some insulated bags might combine two or more closure systems.

Nonetheless, I recommend bags with a zipper system. They offer an incredible seal to protect your customer’s food from contamination during transportation.


The next factor to consider is the capacity of the bag. The right one should offer enough room to carry multiple pizzas without damaging its presentation.

If you are starting your pizzeria, you should consider one with room for at least three large pizza boxes. For personal use, you are better off with a small pizza bag to hold at most two 16 or 18-inch pizza boxes.

The most important thing is that the bag can simultaneously accommodate your needs to shorten your trips.


It might not seem like an essential feature until you wish you had it during a water spill. So, you should purchase a thermal bag with a nylon interior. They are water resistant and offer the utmost protection to the pizza and its packaging. And, of course, it’s incredibly breathable to prevent moisture from pooling over your deliveries.

Another decent option is PVC. It is easier to clean and leak-proof. But it’s best used for short-distance deliveries.


There are two options to load a food delivery bag – end or top loading. Most shoppers go with whatever comes their way first. However, each loading option offers a particular advantage. Top-loading thermal bags support stacking your deliveries without worrying.

On the other hand, end loading allows you to place your items from the side. So, it makes it easier to put anything inside, from deli trays to pizza boxes.

Backpack Vs. Bag

This choice you want to make is based on your preference. If you prefer shoulder straps, the thermal backpack bags will work best. Also, you might like the convenience of the padded carry handle. It’s perfect for making several deliveries within a very short distance.

Notwithstanding, the best-insulated pizza bag should come with reinforced handles. So you don’t have to worry about the handle breaking up on you.

⭐Best Pizza Delivery Bag Review

1. Rubbermaid FG9F3700 Insulated Pizza & Food Delivery Bag

The exclusive Rubbermaid FG9F3700 is an all-purpose delivery bag with outstanding performance. Thousands of customers agree that this is the best delivery bag for uber eats.

Rubbermaid FG9F3700

On the exterior, this premium bag is made with commercial-grade nylon. Thus, it can handle the rigors of a busy restaurant without tearing or wearing. Aside from the long-lasting durability, the nylon exterior is dishwasher safe. This is essential if you prefer to avoid appearing dirty or unhygienic.

It’s most impressive when you talk about its thermal retention. This bag features effective two-inch thick polyester insulation to hold subs at the right temperature for more than 30 minutes. That’s just one thing to love about the thick polyester choice. The other is it does not trap moisture and retain odor. These are annoying issues I never have to face again.

Also, I have to applaud the manufacturer’s genius metal grommet idea at the bottom. This feature acts as a vent to remove the excess steam. Thus guaranteeing you will deliver fresh, sumptuous sandwiches to your esteemed customers.

Furthermore, this professional-grade insulated bag is available in three sizes. This is the medium size, measuring 15 x 12 x 12 inches, which is enough space for 15 12-inch Sub Sandwiches. Hence, you can take on that big order and deliver in a single trip. ZERO time wasted!

Plus, it has side compartments to hold water bottles. However, I’m most pleased with its air-tight commercial-grade zippers and hook-and-loop closures. They keep the content safe from smoke and dust. But there is a hassle with velcro closure. While it gives peace of mind with its closeness, it’s challenging to open every time.

If you hate your customers complaining about your deliveries, buy the Rubbermaid FG9F3700. It doesn’t come cheap, and rightly so, considering its unparalleled heat retention, durability, and utmost conveniences.

2. cherrboll Insulated Pizza Delivery Bag

More pizzerias and restaurants are using the cherrboll Insulated Pizza Delivery Bag – why? The cherrboll Insulated Pizza Delivery Bag measures 20 x 20 x 14 inches. This large duffle bag can accommodate four 18-inch or five 16-inch pizza boxes. Thus making delivery faster and easier – no more unnecessary back and forth.

cherrboll Insulated Pizza Delivery Bag

Despite its large size, I love its cutting-edge soft-side design. There are no rigid sides, making it easy to fold this insulated duffle bag flat and store it. For me, it works right under my car seat. Other customers use the included plastic zippable envelope.

 It’s made of heavy-duty polyester. Over the years, this material has earned my trust and confidence for exceptional durability. This best-selling delivery bag features advanced thick foam insulation that keeps the pizza warm for up to 90 minutes. Now, you don’t have to face angry customers complaining about soggy pizza being delivered.

So, its state-of-the-art closure technology boosts reinforced zippers that work. This fantastic feature keeps the bag air-tight to improve its thermal insulation performance. Hence, it’s one of the few bags I keep purchasing to hold hot or cold items with ZERO worries.

Sadly, I wish the zipper were more robust. My first two cherrboll Insulated Pizza Delivery Bag broke after a couple of months. But the delivery driver has been more careful with the zipper, and it has been a pleasure ever since.

If you want to protect your business’s reputation, the cherrboll Insulated Pizza Delivery Bag ensures you NEVER deliver soggy pizzas to your dear valued customers. Besides, it cost far less than the Rubbermaid FG9F3700. Great delivery bag at a great deal!

3. Homevative Insulated Pizza & Food Delivery Bag

Whether you are a casual delivery bag or a busy kitchen, the Homevative Insulated Pizza & Food Delivery Bag is a great choice.

This model is smaller than the massive cherrboll Insulated Pizza Delivery Bag. It measures 20 x 20 x 8 inches. However, I can easily fit in four pizza boxes. Also, it would accommodate half and full-size trays without a problem.

Homevative Insulated Pizza & Food Delivery Bag

Where it stands out is its fail-proof, super thick 7/16-inch insulation, delivering superior heat retention. This model keeps your pizza fresh and piping hot until it reaches your respected customers. The best bit is it doesn’t accumulate moisture that ruins the packaging like its competitors. It’s smart the manufacturer included the steam-releasing grommets.

Even better;

This popular insulated bag is made of nylon on the interior and exterior. Hence, it has unquestionable durability and is super easy to wash. I hate knocking on my customers’ doors with dirty bags, which screams poor service.

You can cut back on an insulated bag, but be prepared for a deluge of customer complaints. When you get overwhelmed, the Homevative Insulated Pizza & Food Delivery Bag will be happy to help.

4. Herculean Premium Insulated Food Delivery Bag

This product is the best in class if you want the best food delivery bag and don’t mind coughing up more. The Herculean Premium Insulated Food Delivery Bag is designed with commercial or heavy-duty use in mind.

Herculean Premium Insulated Food Delivery Bag

If I look past its easily broken zipper, this model has everything right and perfect. This duffel-type food bag comes with the industry-leading 3-Layered HeatWave Technology. It combines a rugged exterior, styrofoam insulation, and the favorite aluminum foil inner lining.

This insulated bag offers the longest heat retention. I was surprised to find cold grocery store items and ice cream still frozen after more than 45 minutes.

The exterior features the durable 1680 D Polyester to withstand everyday use. Also, its solid construction guarantees it is leak-proof. This is one feature you hardly see in its competitors. No more messy car seats – this is a HUGE win for me.

Bigger and better, this bag comes with plenty of space. It measures 23 x 14 x 15 inches. I can easily stack about 4 to 7 medium to large-size pizza boxes, which means fewer trips back to the restaurant and bigger smiles on your esteemed customers’ faces with a jiffy delivery.

One other thing most customers find helpful is the Removable Shoulder Strap. It makes carrying this XL duffel-type food bag easier than you think.

5. Himal Outdoors Insulated Food Delivery Bag

For cost-conscious shoppers, the Himal Outdoors BTUS-PizzaBag-FH can be your best choice.

Himal Outdoors Insulated Food Delivery Bag

Most affordable insulated bags tend to leak and create a mess until now. The Himal Outdoors Insulated Food Delivery Bag features an innovative anti-leak design with its insulated liner. It maintains your pizzas’ right serving temperature for an extended period. From now on, it’s fresh pizza delivered to your customers’ front door.

To ensure it keeps its promise, this handpicked food delivery bag has a large capacity. Measuring 23 x 15 x 14, this thermal insulated bag can hold up to 5 pizza boxes. Thus allowing you to carry all of your dash door orders at once.

Furthermore, the outside is made of top-grade water-repellent Oxford material to protect the ordered food from external elements. Also, it keeps the bag clean, so you look neat to your customers.

But the only issue I encounter with this fantastic product is its soft bottom. No plate or board was at the bottom like the Herculean Premium Insulated Food Delivery Bag. So, it droops when you place smaller heavy items.

How long do pizza bags keep pizza warm?

How long an insulated bag can maintain the correct serving temperature depends on its insulation materials and outdoor conditions. However, an average one should hold the pizza’s temperature for about 30 minutes to an hour. But for larger models, it can hold as long as three hours.

Can You Wash Pizza Delivery Bags?

Not all thermally-insulated bags can be washed directly via your washing machine. For instance, pizza bags with aluminum insulation layers are challenging to wash. You have to remove the insulation layer before throwing the bag into the washing machine. The aluminum insulation layers are then cleaned carefully and by hand.

Can you use Doordash bags or other branded bags for Grubhub deliveries?

If you are an independent contractor, then what bag you use for delivery is up to you. While Grubhub has its own insulated delivery bags, there’s nothing wrong with using one from a different brand. However, making Grubhub deliveries with a strange bag might be confusing. If you don’t mind explaining to a couple of customers, then there’s nothing wrong with using a door dash bag.

Does Doordash require you to use your hot bag?

Doordash, to improve its food safety standards, mandates every dasher use an insulated hot bag. It’s compulsory to have an air-tight hot bag when grabbing their orders. You can purchase one from their official website.

Is it better to use a gig company branded delivery bag where possible?

The gig economy is thriving. However, using a branded delivery bag is smart for easy advertisement and professionalism. It’s not compulsory. It helps project the company as an authority in the food service business.


There are a sheer number of options out there. Choosing the right one can be overwhelming and daunting.

Thus, I boiled down the extensive list to just five. They are not the same and offer unique benefits. Herculean Premium and Himal Outdoors BTUS-PizzaBag-FH are great if you need to handle large orders. Also, there’s the Homevative HV-PDB with outstanding performance for personal use.

So, it’s essential to go through my detailed buying guide to make the right choice. All in all, I’m confident that you can’t go wrong. These delivery bags guarantee happy customers.



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