Best Wood Pellet Pizza Ovens

Best Wood Pellet Pizza Ovens

After cooking with more than a dozen pellet pizza ovens, only five products made it to my list. These ovens crunched out golden-brown pizzas with a crispy crust and Instagram-worth. However, they are not all the same, and I’ve shared my honest, hands-on experience with each of these pellet ovens below. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me – I’m here to assist!

For baking authentic pizzeria-style pizza, I love using wood pellet ovens. 

And it’s not just a personal preference;

According to U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), they are easier to use, burn hotter, and more efficient than wood pizza ovens. 

With the plethora of options available, finding the best wood pellet pizza oven for you can be challenging. 

But, no need to worry; 

I’ve tested several pellet-fueled pizza ovens. The Ooni Frya, alongside four others, cut above the rest, consistently delivering professional-quality pies.

Stick around as I’ll share hands-on insights on these devices. I mean, things I found interesting and useful as well as the idiosyncrasies during my testing.

🥇Best Pellet Pizza Oven

  1. Best Overall [Ooni Fyra Outdoor Wood Pellets Pizza Oven]
  2. Best For Beginners [aidpiza 12″ Wood Pellet Pizza Ovens]
  3. Best for Budget [Big Horn Outdoors Wood Pellet Pizza Oven]
  4. Best For Value [Pizzello Forte -Wood-Fired Pellet Pizza Oven]

👩‍💼Wood Pellet Pizza Ovens are Amazing, and Here’s How They Work?

There are different types of pizza ovens in the market. Each has its peculiar advantages and caveats. For the best pizza oven, in terms of flavor, versatility, and ease of use, pellet-fired models have been my go-to for the past 5 years.

Best Wood Pellet Pizza Ovens

These incredibly versatile gadgets run on wood pellets — compressed sawdust and other lumber byproducts. They sport a dedicated firebox, usually situated at the oven’s rear. This is where I ignite the pellets.

Once the flame is delivered, the pizza stone is heated by conduction and convection. It is a simple physical phenomenon to get the oven’s temperature to where I need it – 7500F. That’s precisely when I prefer to launch my pizzas, resulting in beautifully charred and mottled outcomes.

What’s even more intriguing is combining hardwood pellets with fruitwood, enhancing my culinary creations with a delightful depth of flavor.

📝What to Consider when Buying a Wood Pellet Pizza Oven?

Size and portability

The right pellet oven shouldn’t occupy your entire yard space. For homeowners with small garden space, a 12-inch pizza oven would do the trick. If you love hosting large parties and have plenty of backyard room, you can go for 16-inch models.

Build quality

A good pizza oven boasts excellent engineering. So, you should focus on the material choice for the exterior shell, enclosed hood, pizza stone, etc.

Pellet pizza ovens made with 304 stainless steel are very durable and highly recommended. They don’t rust or warp under extreme cooking temperatures and can handle everyday abuse.

Also, the shell should come with a powdered coating. That’s my preference. They protect you better from accidental burn than the alternative brushed stainless steel.


From my experience, insulation is arguably the most critical factor. When shopping for a pellet pizza oven or any other type, I laser focus on the appliance’s insulation.

Products with top-tier insulations offer consistent temperature, excellent heat retention, and are energy efficient. With minimal heat loss, these well-insulated ovens will always whip up the perfect pizza crust.

So, I stick with pizza ovens with ceramic fiber or refractory insulation. Sure, other options exist, but these two are the industry standard for heat preservation.

Maximum Temperature

Temperature is crucial to achieving mouth-watering pizzeria-style pies. To craft beautifully charred and crispy pizzas, you need an oven that can reach 750 degrees F.

Personally, I prefer an oven promising a higher heat ceiling – up to a sizzling 950 degree F. A wide temperature range means I can cook more than just pizzas like tandoori chicken.

Pellet Loading System

Pellet Loading System

A wood pellet oven with a large hopper capacity is what you want to go for. They hold significantly more pellets to keep feeding the flame without refueling after every spin. As I’ve noticed, it helps save time and energy since you don’t have to travel back and forth.

Accessories & Extras

To be a savvy shopper, always keep an eye out for products that offer good bang for your buck. This means paying attention to what is being shipped with the pellet oven. You see, some pellet ovens are shipped with a pizza stone only. Others may include a pizza peel, cutter, and weatherproof cover to sweeten the deal. So, check what’s included in the package box before buying.

Price & Warranty

As said earlier, getting value for your money should be your top priority. The price of an oven does not tell the whole story. So, don’t expect the most expensive unit to be the right choice for you. In fact, the other way around might be the case.

In addition to that, always favor ovens with a generous warranty.

⭐Best Wood Pellet Pizza Oven Review

1.Ooni Fyra Outdoor Wood Pellets Pizza Oven

I purchased the Ooni Frya 12 a year ago, and it’s still the best pellet pizza oven I’ve tried.

First of all, the build quality is top-class. I’m talking about excellent thermal insulation and durable, rust-resistant stainless steel construction.

ooni fraya


Size-wise, it’s compact and lightweight. That means this pizza oven can go wherever I go – camping, tailgating, friend’s house, etc.

One of the things that set it apart from the rest I tried is its ability to cook at a scorching 900 degrees F. I’ve baked more than 100 thin-crust pizzas with this great product, and the outcome is always crispy and delicious.

Even to this day, I’m still using the Frya 12.

And here’s why;

Superb construction

The Frya 12 is a premium device with durable construction. So far, it’s still looks great. No hint of rust despite leaving it outdoors for months.

I loved that there are no sharp edges. So, when I’m cleaning or cooking, I don’t have to worry about cutting myself accidentally.

This is one oven I don’t treat with much care. Yet, it doesn’t look abused or aged.

Cutting-edge gravity-based pellet hopper.

The Frya 12 utilizes a state-of-the-art pellet delivery system, streamlining the live-flame cooking experience. I’m not saying it’s easy to cook with, like a propane pizza oven.

However, its gravity-fed hopper system makes it easier to maintain the flame compared to wood-fuelled ovens.

In my own experience, a full hopper offers 10 -15 mins of cooking. This is usually enough time for me to take my dough and build my pizzas.

Chimney with a perfect height and dual-purpose cap

Unlike other pellet ovens, I find the Frya 12’s chimney height spot on. It draws more air for better combustion, quicker heating, and better results.

Further, its built-in damper controls the smoke imparted into your pizza. There’s no huge difference in flavor profile or complexity. Also, it’s not really helpful in managing the cooking temperature.

Nonetheless, I find the chimney cap very useful. It doubles as a convenient pellet scoop, making refueling a breeze.

Best For

  • Pizza enthusiasts seeking a top-tier, upscale pellet oven
  • On-the-go pizza lovers
  • Homeowners with small backyard space
  • Making family-sized pizzas for small, intimate social gatherings

Is The Ooni Frya 12 Worth It?

I’ve made a lot of great homemade pizzas with this oven. It gets scorching hot up to 950 degrees F; if you can handle the high temp, this oven cranks out amazing pies in under 2 minutes. However, I prefer to work at 750 – 800 degrees F to avoid burning my pies.

The only downside to this Ooni pellet-burning oven is its salty price tag. For that high price, I wasn’t happy to see the oven delivered without any complimentary accessories like a pizza peel.

But considering its premium construction, unparalleled baking performance, and the forgiving cooking chamber, I’d say Frya 12 is the best pellet-fired pizza oven on the market.


2. aidpiza 12″ Wood Pellet Pizza Ovens

Feeling like a fish out of the water with your pizza-making game?

The Aidpiza 12″ Wood Pellet Pizza Oven is the best pellet pizza oven for beginners I can find on the market.

I actually bought this device for Noah, a friend looking to start his pizza-baking journey.

aidpiza 12″ Wood Pellet Pizza Ovens

check price

It’s quite easier to cook with compared to my 1-year-old Frya 12. Its wide-feeding chute and game-changing rotatory pizza stone make crafting restaurant-grade pizzas a breeze.

Even Noah, a complete beginner, now boasts craft mouth-watering pizzas that taste on par or better than mine. That’s because there was almost no steep learning curve involved!

How come?

Stunning rotating stand

Not many pizza ovens have been able to nail this feature like the aidpiza SP120-R. This cutting-edge technology means I don’t have to exhaust myself rotating the pizza.

Once I launch the pizza into the oven, my main task is to maintain the flame by adding more pellets if necessary. Of course, I still need to keep a watchful eye on the pizza to prevent overcooking.

However, time and time again, this pizza oven delivers perfect pizzas – every inch teemed with sweet, smokey flavor.

Built-in thermometer

Out of the box, I was so pleased to see this oven with an integrated temperature gauge. Although Noah still had to purchase a temperature gun for precise cooking, the built-in feature helped bake his first dozen of pizzas to crispy perfection.


It only measures the ambient temperature of the oven and not the stone. But you have to ensure you are cooking when the oven’s thermometer reads 900 degrees F or higher. The pizza stone getting very hot is central to creating nice pizzas.

Spacious pellet feeding chute

The aidpiza SP120-R doesn’t spoon-feed the fire like the Ooni, which is a bit of a letdown. However, this top-rated oven makes up for it with a large firebox and feeding chute.

Its fuel tray and burner grate are quite larger than the Frya 12’s. This translates to a bigger flame and rapid preheating, clocking in under 15 minutes.

The chute, on the other hand, has a wider opening. So, I find it easier to feed the flame using the chimney cap during busy times.

Best For:

  • Beginners who haven’t mastered the pizza-making craft
  • Folks who want enjoy the classism of wood-fired cooking without the stress
  • People not looking to break a bank on a trusty device

Is aidpiza SP120-R a Great Choice?

The aidpiza SP120-R seems to be designed with ease of use in mind. Its rotatory pizza stone and wide feeding chute make baking several 12-inch pizzas a breeze. There’s nothing much to do or keep track of, making it a less taxing affair.

However, the handles of the hopper and lid are removable. I don’t see why or the benefit of such a design. So, you’ve to be careful not to misplace them.

The aidpiza SP120-R might not suit everyone’s preferences, but in my baking experience, I’ve yet to come across a pellet oven that makes cooking as effortless as this one does.


3. Big Horn Outdoors Wood Pellet Pizza Oven

If you’re not eager to empty your pockets for a pellet pizza oven, this product is an excellent choice. The Big Horn Outdoors Wood Pellet Pizza Oven is best for budget  shoppers.

Big Horn Outdoors Wood Pellet Pizza Oven

I was eager to buy this low-priced device and test myself to see if it’s a wise choice for people on a small budget.

Despite its affordable price tag, I’m impressed with its build quality and baking performance.

Is the Big Horn Outdoors a steal? Let’s find out

Heavy-duty stainless steel construction

It’s quite surprising to see an inexpensive pellet oven exquisitely crafted from heavy-duty stainless steel. I’ve had and abused this oven for three months, and it looks great. There’s no sign of rust or parts falling off.

Thanks to its solid engineering, this oven can match up to its more expensive counterparts in terms of heat performance.

Large fuel tray

Like the aidpiza 12″ oven, I got a big fuel tray to ignite about two scoops of pellets. This is plenty of pellet fuel to get the fire going before sliding into the oven’s rear.

Impressive heat performance

Unlike other penny-pinching ovens I’ve tried, this gadget’s heat generation is surprising. Going from 0 to 860°F in 20 minutes, this pizza oven has a serious knack for producing crispy crust with perfectly caramelized cheese.

Best For:

  • Experience pizza makers
  • Those not looking to break the bank on a pizza oven

Is the Big Horn Outdoors Wood Pellet Pizza Oven a good bang for the buck?

Absolutely! This budget-friendly pizza oven cooks similarly to the more expensive Frya 12.

While it took longer to heat up, my margarita and BBQ pizzas came out with a nice crust and color.

From my experience with this appliance, it takes 3 – 4 minutes to have that puffy, extra-crispy pizza infused with delightful wood-burn flavor. That’s because the insulation isn’t that great.

But for half the price of its competitor, this is a good deal. Check it out for yourself.


4. Pizzello Forte -Wood-Fired Pellet Pizza Oven

When it comes to getting more value for your money, Pizzello is the best for value.

The Pizzello Forte offers remarkable fuel flexibility, allowing you to cook with either pellets or gas.

Pizzello Forte -Wood-Fired Pellet Pizza Oven

 latest price

Wait, there’s a cherry on top!

This oven is shipped with the gas burner and wood tray at NO extra expense.

Not to mention, I also snag a complimentary sturdy cover and a pizza peel.

Topping it all off is a three-year manufacturer warranty, making this deal the real steal in terms of both value and price.

Here’s why I’m a big fan of the Pizzello Forte:

Wide variety of options

The Pizzello Forte is available in many options to suit everyone’s fancy. It comes in two sizes —12 inches and 16 inches.

Personally, I prefer the 12-inch. It’s perfect for crafting personal-sized pizzas and catering to small crowds.

On top of that,

There were plenty of stunning colors—black, blue, red, and silver — to pick from. I went for the blue, as it complements my outdoor kitchen counter aesthetics best.

Superior Dual Fuel Cooking

The Pizzello Forte offers the best of both worlds — pellets and gas.

Unlike its competitors, I didn’t have to shell out a dime to purchase its gas burner. I had no trouble switching out the fuel tray for the gas burner, which allows me to cook up a storm without burning out.

One thing I love about the fuel tray is that it is sizeable to toss in 2 – 3 perfect-size wood chunks for a longer pellet burn and flavor depth.

Built-in Thermometer

Like aidpiza Oven, this model is equipped with a temperature gauge.

However, it’s placed in front rather than the far back, which in my opinion, makes it easier to track the inner temperature.

But Noah claims the back position is better; easier for me to stock the flame and watch the temperature range.

Clearly, it boils down to preference.

Best For

  • Individuals who want both pellet and gas options
  • Folks who want more value for their money
  • Homeowner looking to have their oven is a unique hue

Is Pizzello Forte worth it?

I baked 3 – 4 small-sized pizzas with this oven at my cousin’s small weekend family time.

I’m jealous I didn’t purchase this device earlier. Considering its price, dual-fuel option, and the accessories included, no product comes close in terms of value.

But I noticed it takes up to 30 minutes to heat up to temperature using pellets. I’d to babysit the flame.

This is one aspect I love: the Ooni Frya 12 with its automatic pellet feeding system.

Well, you can always switch to gas mode, at NO cost, if you are not in the mood for the hassle of pellet cooking.

Good luck finding a well-priced pellet oven offering this amazing cooking flexibility.


4. Woody Oven – Wood-Fired Pizza Oven Kit

After trying my hands on this wood-fired pizza oven from Woody, the leading UK brand, I must say it’s a worthy contender to the Ooni Frya 12.

The Woody Multi-Fuel Pizza Oven comes to mind when I think of premium ovens.

Why not?

I’d to purchase this oven, which took weeks to arrive because it was only available on pre-order.

Woody Oven – Wood-Fired Pizza Oven Kit


Every component is built with shiny stainless steel.

Also, the body showcases an elegant black powder coating that adds a high-class feel to it.

And, of course, its thick 15mm pizza stone is the icing on its cake, ensuring an extra crisp crust.

Multi-fuel compatibility

The Woody Multi-Fuel Pizza Oven comes with two cooking modes – gas and wood/pellets.

When hosting friends and family, I use this pizza oven in its gas mode so I don’t have to tether to it and miss out on the fun.

It’s great to have a device that offers both pellet-burning cooking classicism and convenient cooking of gas.

Superior insulation

Like the Ooni, this award-winning pizza oven’s strong suit is heat retention.

It’s almost well-insulated to a fault.

This oven keeps most of the heat within the hood for a quick recovery. So, no more waiting for a day and an hour for the oven to recovery in between pizzas.

After 5 minutes or so, my guests can launch their custom-layered pizzas without missing out on their firm crust and puffy edges.

Honestly, it makes a huge difference. Now, I can cook several pizzas quickly for a large crowd with fewer trips to refuel.

Also, the body never gets too hot. I can touch it when cooking or after without worrying about my dear hands.

Precise temperature gauge

Integrated with a thermometer, this oven makes cooking easy and precise. Its location is also perfect 一 on the door, facing me. It makes keeping tabs on the cooking temperature less tiring.

Best For:

  • Folks who want an eye-catching cooking beast 
  • Pizza lovers willing to pay the big bucks for it
  • Home chefs who want the dual-fuel option

Is the Woody Oven Worth It?

If it’s within your budget and you have the patience to wait for weeks, Woody Oven is a worthwhile investment.

Why not? It boasts

  • Unique design screaming excellent engineering and luxury
  • Built-in temperature and peephole on the lid 
  • Best insulation on any pellet pizza oven
  • Three-year manufacturer warranty to protect your investment
  • High temperature cooking up to 950°F within 15 minutes
  • Peel and sturdy cover included

This pizza oven offers unbeatable cooking performance and builds quality on par with Frya 12. There’s no going wrong with purchasing the Woody Oven.

I’ve no regrets to date, except I should have bought it sooner.

💡Are Pellet Pizza Ovens Fast?

Wood pellet pizza ovens cook fast, like the notorious propane-fuelled appliances. It usually takes less than 5 minutes to start the fire and another 15 minutes to get the pizza stone around 700 degrees F.

Once it’s hot enough, it doesn’t take up to 2 minutes to have a perfect Neapolitan pizza on my cutting board.

Altogether, from start to finish, cooking pizza in a pellet pizza oven takes about 20 minutes.

Note: The preheat time depends on the oven’s insulation, stone thickness, and outdoor condition.

Altogether, from start to finish, cooking pizza in a pellet pizza oven takes under 20 minutes.

🛠What Makes Pellet Pizza Ovens Superior to the Rest?

Flavor enhancement

Wood pellet pizza ovens have the potential to enhance the taste and flavor of pizzas. Unlike gas or electric pizza ovens, this backyard appliance imparts a delightful smoky flavor, making pizzeria-style pizzas achievable.

Also, it’s super helpful in crafting a unique flavor profile for pizzas. Pair up different wood pellets, like hickory with cherry or maple; the result would be an even more satisfying bite.

Regulative combustion rate

As far as burning performance goes, the pellet pizza oven is up to par with wood or gas-based ovens. I find it easier to start and keep the fire rousing – thanks to their hopper feeding system.

Another noticeable benefit is it offers a more even burn for easy temperature management. There’s less chance of burning one side of your pizza due to hot spots.

Eco-friendly and efficient

Wood pellets are sustainably produced from wood waste. This is great as I’m not looking to contribute to deforestation.

Furthermore, unlike my other wood-fired oven, they burn cleanly, emitting light blue smoke. This means me not worry about my guests or family being overwhelmed by thick smoke.rranty provide customers with a chance to protect their investment against craftsmanship defects.

❔How I Clean My Pellet Pizza Oven Without Breaking a Sweat?

Cleaning up my pellet pizza oven is as easy as pie, despite its various components like the chimney, hopper, and fuel tray. It’s not a Herculean task that will eat up your entire day.

Before kicking things off, I wait until the oven has cooled down, then empty the ashtray. If there’s any lingering ash within the oven, I use an ash rack to remove it swiftly.

Next, I employ a clever trick – I flip the pizza stone, ensuring the clean side faces up. This smart move lets the oven’s high heat take care of the cleaning, saving me the hassle of scrubbing the stone’s surface.

Every now and then, I roll up my sleeves and disassemble the chimney. I give it a good once-over and wipe away any creosote building up with a damp cloth. I make sure the chimney dries thoroughly before putting it back together.

And voila! That’s the extent of my pellet pizza oven cleaning routine – no tedious, drawn-out process involved.

🎭Don’t Like Pellet-Fuelled Pizza Oven? There are Others

If you think cooking with a pellet-fired pizza oven will be too much work, there are other options:

Electric models, as the name implies, are powered by electricity. They are mostly indoor models, but it’s not uncommon to see variations suited for outdoor cooking. These kitchen fixtures utilize heating coils to achieve the necessary temperature to crisp pizza crust. They are user-friendly and offer the most cooking precision for consistent results.

Gas pizza ovens use either propane or natural gas to generate wild temperatures. Rapid heating, broad culinary applications, and cleaner operations are some of its appeals. While they might not infuse your pizza crust with aromatic, smoky flavor, they craft delicious pizzas with less stress.

Can I use my pellet pizza oven for other dishes besides pizza?

Although primarily designed for pizza-making, pellet pizza ovens are very versatile. They generate high heat, which makes them ideal for searing, roasting, baking, and cooking a wide range of culinary delights. I cook anything and everything, from barbecue sardines to roasted beef ribs, with my pellet pizza oven.

Is a pellet pizza oven safe to use?

Generally speaking, a pellet pizza oven does not pose any threat outdoors. These devices put out some smoke, which can fill your room and cause acute respiratory distress. To avoid any potential fire accidents, it’s advisable to use them outdoors and on a metal table.

How long does a pellet pizza oven last?

On average, pellet pizza ovens have a lifespan of around five years. However, with proper care and maintenance, they can last for more than a decade. To extend the oven’s life, investing in a pellet pizza oven cover for added protection is a good idea.

The Ultimate Takeaway

Ultimately, the best wood pellet pizza oven for you should tick all the right boxes. – boasting top-notch engineering, fitting snugly into your backyard space, and falling within your budget.

While there are other fantastic pellet-fired pizza ovens out there, the ones I’ve unveiled here are truly in a league of their own. They have a knack for conjuring up pizzas that rival those from a pizzeria, all thanks to their unique ability to infuse the pizza crust with that irresistible smoky flavor.

So, go ahead and take your pick; I’m confident you’ve got all the cards on the table to make a savvy choice.


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