Bread Flour vs. Pizza Flour

Bread Flour vs. Pizza Flour: The Secret Code to the Perfect Pizza Dough

Over my 15 years of baking homemade artisan bread and pizza, I have often tried switching and combining different types of flour in different ratios. Is it possible to sub pizza flour with bread flour or vice versa? Yes.

But should you, ideally? NO!

See, even though gluten is the key, it’s not everything. Although both 00 flour and bread flour have high gluten content, they absorb water differently. Due to the damaged gluten structure of bread flour, it absorbs more water, developing a stronger gluten network. 00 flour is milled from Italian soft wheat. Hence, it absorbs less water, leading to a lighter, airier crust.

Of course, there are some workarounds. But before I get to that part, you should learn a bit more about how 00 flour differs from bread flour:

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