Ooni Koda 16 Review – Does It Live Up to the Hype?

Ooni Koda 16 Review – Does It Live Up to the Hype?

Price Range: $$$
Fuel Type: Gas Powered
Oven Type: Countertop

👩‍💼Ideal For:


  • Home chefs looking to make great restaurant-style pizza.
  • Premium gas-powered pizza oven.
  • Simple and straightforward pizza baking process.
  • Pizza and non-pizza dishes.



  • This unit does not come with a wood-firing option
  • There’s no built-in thermometer

My Final Verdict with a rating (Out of 5)

Having baked a wide range of dishes with the Koda 16, I can confidently declare that it is the best gas-powered pizza oven for backyard pizzaiolos.

The Koda 16 boasts an impressive array of convenient features while maintaining a reasonable price. One standout feature is its innovative L-shaped Burner, which minimizes the need for constantly rotating pizzas.

Additionally, its wide opening is perfect for not only large pizzas but also the use of cast iron cookware to create non-pizza culinary delights.

Unlike my previous Karu 12 model, the Koda 16 exclusively operates on gas. I don’t miss the wood-burning option. This gas-fired cooking style is perfect for those late-night pizza cravings. It quickly reaches a scorching 800 degrees F in just around 20 minutes. This is insanely fast, considering its gigantic cooking chamber.

The results speak for themselves: the Koda 16 delivers a perfectly crispy crust with a delightfully chewy center and beautifully charred edges in under 2 minutes.

And when it comes to cleanup, there’s hardly anything to worry about. This appliance keeps things simple and hassle-free, unlike models with large chimneys, ashtrays, or hoppers.

Overall, I give the Koda 16 a solid rating of 4.7 out of 5.0. It truly stands out as a reliable and efficient choice for pizza enthusiasts looking to elevate their backyard cooking experience.


⚖️Compare with Gozney Roccbox & Bertello Grande 16

  Koda 16 Gozney Roccbox Bertello Grande 16
Best For Gas-powered Oven Dual-Fuel Value
Fuel Type Gas Gas / Wood Gas / Wood
Max Temperature 950 degrees F 950 degrees F 900 degrees F
Preheat Time (Gas) 20 minutes 20 minutes 25 minutes
Cook Time 1 – 2 minutes 1- 3 minutes 3 – 5 minutes
Shell Material Powder Coating Commercial Grade Silicone  
Weight  39.2 pounds 44.1 pounds ‎62.9 pounds
Warranty 5 Years 5 Years  

Who Do I Recommend For?

No-Fuss Pizza Oven Lovers 一 The Koda 16 is straightforward to use. It does not pack dozens of overwhelming features – anyone would barely use it. It has a clean, no-frills design that is ready to use straight out of the box.

Large Cooking Space Seekers 一 This model has a spacious cooking space. It measures about 17 by 17 inches, enough space to bake any size pizza needed. Also, its wide 20.5-inch mouth makes it easier to launch and shuffle pizzas without hitting the walls.

Powerful Pizza Oven Hunters 一 Equipped with a mighty 29000 BTU burner system, the Koda 16 delivers a lot of heat to bake any pizza style to perfection. Also, the innovative L-shaped Burner delivers superior heat distribution compared to the jet-like flame of its competitors. The upside is you no longer have to spin your pizzas a dozen times every 20 -30 seconds.

Who I Don’t Recommend For?

Small Families 一 If you intend to cook just personal 12-inch pizzas, the Koda 16 is not for you. I recommend the Koda 12. It’s only a smaller version of the Koda 16.

Fans of Sophisticated appliances 一 The Koda 16 embraces its minimalist design. If you prefer devices with extravagant embellishments, advanced features, and numerous accessories, this unit may not be the right fit for you. Its sole purpose is to deliver flawlessly stone-baked pizzas. It doesn’t aim to be an indulgent oven offering an overwhelmingly luxe baking experience.

My First Impression


Upon unboxing, what stood out for me was its stripped-down and refined appearance. This oven is still eye-catching and proudly sits in my backyard.

The Koda 16 shell showcases powder-coated carbon steel available in only black. However, it is super durable and resistant to fading, chipping, and scratching. Plus, it keeps the oven cool to the touch.


With the Koda 16, there’s no assembly required. I simply took it out of the box, unfolded its legs, slid in the pizza stone, and attached my 1 lb propane tank. That’s all. It’s similar to most gas-fueled pizza ovens out there.


But before baking pizzas, I checked for leaks with soapy water. You should be conversant with this drill. It took less than 10 minutes to assemble and fire up this oven.

Baking Stone

Inside the box, there’s a cordierite stone baking board included. This stone delivers a lot of searing heat for a perfectly crisp pizza base with fantastic speckles of char.

Baking Stone

The FAN-TAS-TIC result is due to its 0.6-inch thickness offering unparalleled heat retention. Also, the porous surface plays an integral part by drawing away moisture from the dough. This prevents a soggy bottom.

Fuel Options

There’s only one fuel option with the Koda 16: gas. This unit works nicely with either propane or natural gas. There’s no option to cook with wood.

Getting this oven up and running only requires hooking the gas regulator to the propane tank. It’s a snappy process you’re already familiar with.


This model is a larger pizza oven of the impressive Koda line. So, baking small and large pizzas is achievable. It comes with plenty of cooking space to cook up to 16-inch pizza. This enormous space comes in handy when I’m hosting large pizza parties.

Even better, I can quickly whip up other non-pizza dishes, including desserts. Also, its wide 20.5-inch opening makes it easier to fit my 14-inch cast iron skillets to roast vegetables and cook steaks.

What I Like About Koda 16?

Very Wide Mouth: the Koda 16 has a roomy mouth. Using the pizza peel in there is a breeze. I barely worry about spilling or bumping food while maneuvering large food items. This is a common issue I experienced with the smaller Koda 12. On top of that, I can easily keep track of whatever you’re cooking in the oven.

Cutting-edge L-shaped Burner: this is by far the most innovative feature I’ve seen on a pizza oven. This model delivers even internal heat to cook pizzas perfectly with minimal spinning. Usually, I only have to turn my pizzas about 180 degrees once. The result is nothing short of charred, crispy crust with nice leopard spots.

Maintenance-free Baking Experience: I have minimal post-cooking cleaning to do because it runs on gas. It has no chimney, ashtray, or hopper that needs my attention. On top of that, the powdered coating on the exterior helps keep this oven looking brand new, unlike the Karu 12.

My Ooni Koda 16 Complaints

No Built-in Thermometer

There’s something you won’t find on the Koda 16: a temperature sensor. While this sensor only measures the ambient temperature and not that of the stone, it’s a convenient feature. It gives you an idea of when the oven is about ready. This reduces the number of times you have to measure the stone’s temperature.

No Bonus Accessories

Unlike other products, you only get the oven, stone, gas regulator, and extendable match holder. So, you don’t get a cover, a pizza peel, or a turner. However, you can purchase these essential accessories from Ooni’s official website. But these are just extra expenses not everyone is willing to incur.

Testing The Koda 16: How Does It Perform?

Fuel Performance

The Koda 16 is powered by gas, either propane or natural gas. This makes it convenient and simple to use compared to the wood-fired alternatives. However, you have to let go of some of the smoky taste that wood-burning ovens only offer. Consider the Karu 12 or other capable units from Ooni if that aromatic smoke flavor and taste are important.

Fuel Performance

If you go this route, you don’t have to worry about building or tendering to the fire. Koda 16 is easy to light by turning the dial and holding it for a few seconds to ignite it. Also, you’ve to hold for a couple more seconds to ensure the flame stays lit.

Sadly, this ignition system doesn’t always work every time. This is not a big loss. You just have to try a few more times.

Furthermore, the Koda is not compatible with the 1lb propane tanks, only large ones. I had to purchase and attach an additional adapter to use the smaller propane tanks. For the natural gas, there’s already a gas regulator and hose included to connect with your gas line.

Fuel Cost and Savings

Gas prices vary from place to place. So, there’s no telling the running cost of cooking a pizza in Koda 16. Nonetheless, running the giant Koda 16 for an hour requires about 1.3 lbs/0.59kg of gas.

With 20 – 30 minutes of preheating time (depending on the outdoor condition), there will still be plenty of gas left to bake up to 10 pizzas.

Here’s an exciting feature;

The Ooni Big Boy incorporates an innovative built-in Flame Safety Device. This cutting-edge technology effectively stops the gas supply when the flame extinguishes. This feature prevents unnecessary gas wastage and significantly reduces the risk of accidents. Hence ensuring a safe and efficient cooking experience.

Output Power

The Koda 16 is coveted by many top pizza chefs for its raw cooking power. However, the most appealing feature is this unit’s genius L-shaped Burner.

It offers a whopping 29,000 BTU of heat that gets the oven up to 950 degrees F in about 20 minutes. Its intense heat from its unique burner system helps cook your pizza to juicy perfection in less than 120 seconds.

Temperature Control

With an adjustable heat dial, this sucker offers the utmost cooking flexibility. When trying to bake crisp, thin-crust pizza, I crank up the temperature to 800 degrees F. In 60 seconds, it’s bubbling cheese on a firm pizza crust.

Also, you can knock down the heat to cook deep-dish pizza for that sweet, chewy result. Its wide temperature range makes it possible to achieve several culinary feats, not just pizza.

Cooking Performance

While your pizza won’t get the smoky aroma, you won’t miss out on a crispy crust and chewy center. This unit brings the high heat essential to creating restaurant-style thin-crust pizzas.

Cooking Performance

The L-shaped Burner is impressive. But it cooks the back and left side of your pizza faster, meaning you need to give it a spin for even doneness. This is where you’d appreciate its wide mouth. You can easily keep track of the cooking process at a glance.

Before you get that juicy, crisp crust, preheating the oven to around 800 degrees F is a must. This is only a 20-minute wait, which should go into dusting your peel and building your pizza.

For 12-inch pizzas, it takes around 60 – 75 seconds to churn out a mouthwatering result. I noticed larger pizzas require an extra 30 – 60 seconds to get the crispiest crust.

However, it took me a couple of minutes to get the hang of this beast. So, expect a bit of a learning curve with Koda 16, which is typical with any powerful oven.

What Else Can You Cook?

This gas-powered pizza oven can cook more than just pizza recipes thanks to its excellent temperature control.

What Else Can You Cook

This unit is great; you can cook amazing dishes like my favorite, steak. Also, it makes delicious slow-cooked meats, fajitas, fish, stews and casseroles, etc.

What’s About Other User’s Opinions?

  • According to most customers, this award-winning pizza oven takes a while to master. Their first attempt was burnt and ugly. Once it becomes second nature, usually on the third or fourth trial, this oven delivers tasty pies.
  • Almost everyone loved its sleek, no-fuss design. Apparently, one of the reasons most home chefs loved this unit is because it doesn’t require an assembly.
  • Also, they recommend this unit because it lives up to the hype. Thousands of customers were pleased to have purchased this oven because of its ability to achieve over 800 degrees F quickly.
  • A couple of customers wish this unit came with some accessories like others.

Coupons, Trials, Warranties, Shipping, and Ooni Support

Shipping: Ooni will ship the Koda 16 FREE within the United States, except Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico. If you live outside the U.S., be prepared to pay customs duties and import taxes.

Return Policy: the manufacturer offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with the oven’s performance, Ooni will pay you back every cent within 60 days of receipt.

Warranty: Ooni offers one of the best warranty policies. A 5-year manufacturer’s warranty backs this unit. If there’s any defect with the device, Ooni, not you, will be responsible.

Quick Things You Know About The About Ooni Koda 16

Ease of use

Setting up the Koda 16 anywhere in your garden is a breeze. Unfold the three legs and slide the large baking stone into the chamber 一, and that’s all. Hook the gas regulator to the propane tank or gas line and fire the oven. That’s pretty much the drill. There’s no need for chopping wood or tendering to the flame.

Also, it has a dial to control the internal heat intensity with more precision. This would have been a painful process if it was the wood-fired Karu 16.

Cleaning and maintenance

Unlike wood-burning ovens, this gas-fired model is a cinch to clean. There’s no soot or ash to clean or empty after cooking. Usually, you will find some spills on the stone.

The easy way to clean the pizza stone is to turn it over. After a couple of baking stones, the spills at the bottom will burn off. In some cases, you might have to brush off the crumbs.

Whatever you do, avoid cleaning the stone with water or using an abrasive.

For the shell, you can wipe the oven clean with a damp cloth or a soapy paper towel. Thanks to the powder coating, it maintains a rust-free and visually appealing appearance.

Upgrades, accessories, and attachments

Pizza oven cart/table

Ooni offers a sturdy table for the Koda 16. It’s a fantastic choice for home chefs looking for the ideal platform for their backyard oven. It’s built to withstand the weight, high heat, and harsh outdoor conditions.

Plus, there’s plenty of storage space underneath to hold other essential accessories, including your propane tank. Even better, it comes with castor wheels for quick and effortless transportation.

Koda 16 cover

This top-quality oven can live outside. For maximum protection, it’s advisable to purchase its cover.

It’s made of premium polyester for unquestionable durability. It’s breathable and waterproof. Thus, guaranteeing customers a longer shelf life.

Turning Peel

I’m a big fan of shuffling pizzas with a turning peel rather than a pizza peel.

The Ooni Pizza Turning Peel is perfect for the job. It’s 7 inches long with a perforated blade that slides right under the pizzas gracefully. You can stay safe from the 800-degree F heat while spinning your pizzas like a Pro.

There’s no need to bring your pizza out before turning them. During that process, heat is usually lost. Hence, you tend to cook longer, up to 3 minutes, for a perfect crust.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to turn on Ooni Koda 16?

Ensure the tank is fitted correctly, then turn on the gas valve. Once the gas supply is secured, turn the control knob slowly counter-clockwise until it clicks. However, you’ve to hold the knob for a few seconds to ensure the flame stays lit.

What size peel for Ooni Koda 16?

This boils down to preference and cooking needs. If you intend to make 12-inch pizzas, then a 12-inch peel would be the right choice. For larger pizzas, you need a 16-inch peel. But if you need help deciding what peele size to buy, go for the larger 16-inch peel.

Is the one Koda 16 worth it?

Yes, if you are looking to bake pizzeria-quality pizzas without sweating. This oven’s exquisite craftsmanship is designed to take your baking skill more than a notch further. It’s easy to use and cooks better than expected. Plus, it has ample cooking space to stick your skillets and other cookware inside.

Can you use Koda 16 indoors?

The Koda line is an outdoor model. However, Ooni offers a great product line for indoor chefs – the Volt series. To make delectable pies in your kitchen, buy the electric Volt 12. 

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