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Best Pizza Dough Presses for 2024 – [Tested & Reviewed]

Nailing the perfect Neapolitan-style pizza is more than just ingredients – it’s about technique. The dough is a defining factor, determining whether your pizza boasts a crispy, well-baked crust or ends up disappointingly soggy. 

Getting the dough right from scratch is crucial, but can be tricky with a traditional pin, even for top chefs. It can get too thin, thick or uneven. 

If you don’t have the experience or time for rolling out flawless dough sheets, investing in a dough sheeter is the solution. These nifty kitchen gadgets are designed to roll out doughs to the precise thickness required – quickly and consistently. 

So whether you need a dough press for your new pizza shop or hosting a laid-back pizza night in your backyard, you’ll find it here.

🥇Best Pizza Dough Presses for 2024

  1. BEST VALUE :[VEVOR 7.8” Dough Press Machine]
  2. Editor’s Pick: [VEVOR Max 12” Pizza Dough Roller]
  3. BEST FOR CAPACITY: [VEVOR Max 16″ Commercial Dough Roller]

Is a Pizza Dough Press Worth It?

If you own a restaurant or love to host pizza parties at home, then dough press is essential. This convenient tool is handy for making the perfect pizza base. This means making an evenly shaped and flattened crust is achievable with zero effort.

You can effortlessly make a crust of any thickness, size, or shape.

So, the results are better looking. Also, they tend to cook more evenly than hand-pressed crusts. Besides, creating the perfect pizza crust using your hands or some ineffective DIY tricks can be a hassle.

If making great homemade pizzas is important to you, invest in a top-quality pizza dough press.

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Benefits of Using Pizza Dough Press

Dough presses are not one of the extraneous baking tools found in most kitchens. Thanks to their overwhelming benefits, which include:

  • The dough press is the perfect tool for achieving an evenly shaped crust every time. The pizza base turns out uniformly thick. This is pivotal to creating delectable results.
  • They are suitable for making a crust of any desired thickness. You can achieve thin crust that’s almost impossible by hand.
  • This practical tool saves significant time and energy. No more hassle rolling out our pizza dough by hand. Also, you don’t have to waste time trying to get the crust right. Besides, no more painful physical ailments.
  • Dough presses are super versatile. They are an excellent choice for making calzones to tart shells.
  • Price-wise, dough presses are inexpensive. Plus, these essential tools are effortless to store. They tend to come with a storage bag. 

Best Pizza Dough Presses Review

1. VEVOR 7.8” Big Roller Dough Press Machine

The VEVOR 7.8” Big Roller is the best choice for flattening dough balls at home. This fantastic device is made of three heavy-duty materials. Combining cast iron, stainless steel, and aluminum alloy, this press is built to last.

VEVOR 7.8” Big Roller Dough Press Machine

Also, it has a 7.87-inch circular press plate to make a smooth crust for pizza, tortillas, etc. its ultimate flexibility is another wonder of this unit. You can turn your dough ball into a thin or thick sheet up to 0.2 inches.

Even better: Vevor backs this premium press with a generous 30-day money-back guarantee. In other words, get your money back if this unit does not work for you.

Key Features

Unparalleled Build Design: The VEVOR 7.8” Big Roller stands out with its impeccable craftsmanship. Unlike others, this unit features a heavy-duty cast iron base and frame. Thus, you get a sturdy press with unbeatable stability. The press plates are made of food-grade stainless steel. Thus, boasts exceptional hygiene and zero-stress cleaning experience.

Superior flexibility: This model has a screw for setting the desired sheet thickness. Hence allowing you to choose how thin or thick your dough sheet will be. This essential function makes this unit super versatile. You can make the perfect sheet for pie crust, pizza base, bread molder, etc.

User-centric design: Thousands of customers applaud this premium unit for its overall ease of use. Yes, this model’s pulling plate performance is phenomenal. It is attached to the supporting plate for the smoothest slide without any offset. Plus, the handle features an intelligent design. Aside from being comfortable to grab, gravity does most of the work for you. That results in a fast and effortless dough-pressing experience.

Best For:

The VEVOR 7.8” Big Roller is an excellent buy for home chefs looking to make small-sized pizzas and dough-related products.


  • I’ve used this press machine to make more than 400 dough sheets. To date, there’s no sign of rust or decline in performance.
  • This premium tough sheeter is one of the most durable gadgets I’ve used in years. Yet, the manufacturer offers a 12-month warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee. In my opinion, you’ll barely need to use it.
  • This model weighs about 22 pounds. So, there was no need to hold it down while sheeting dough balls.
  • It has an aesthetically pleasing design. It looks great on my counter. I leave it there, but it’s also no hassle to lift and store away.


The press plate only supports sheeting dough up to 8 inches. So, it does not help make family-sized pizzas.

2. VEVOR Max 12” Pizza Dough Roller Sheeter

This is the best 12-inch pizza dough roller I’ve used in many years of baking. Unlike the widely-sought VEVOR 7.8” Big Roller, this gadget is designed for commercial food outlets. This dough roller delivers a staggering 260 sheets in 60 minutes. Built with food-grade stainless steel, this gadget can stand the abuse of busy food outlets.

VEVOR Max 12

Key Features

Premium-Grade & Resilient Construction: This unit is mainly made of 304 stainless steel. It’s food grade. This means you don’t have to worry about toxic substances in the dough. And its heavy-duty construction means you won’t purchase another one soon. This means it’s rust and stain-free.

Advanced 2-Stage Roller Design: With its innovative double-roller design, this award-winning sheeter tackles a common issue head-on. Say goodbye to the frustration of multiple attempts – it effortlessly produces flawless dough sheets in a single go.

Massive Dough Output: This commercial-grade press machine runs on a powerful 370W electric motor. This unit flattens and shapes 260 dough pieces in an hour. This machine never overheats, thanks to its large air vents at the back. This offers peace of mind with its service life.

Best for:

Pizzeria owners looking to meet huge pizza demands up to 12 inches.


  • Anyone can operate this machine. Thanks to four suction feet, it stays in place for one-hand operation.
  • Unlike other models, this unit offers an automatic sheeting experience.
  • It’s great that this unit comes with PP plastic dust-proof covers. This is a big win toward hygiene and preventing accidents.
  • I tested this press for 30 minutes. It sheeted more than 100 dough pieces without overheating.
  • There’s an adjustable dough thickness knob on the side. Choosing the desired thickness between 0.02 – 0.2 inches is pretty straightforward.


After a while, this unit makes some strange noise. It doesn’t last and does not affect its performance.

3. VEVOR Max 16″ Commercial Dough Roller Sheeter

In my opinion, the VEVOR Max 16″ Dough Roller Sheeter is the prime pick for large pizzas. This unit has a sturdy construction and a mighty 370W motor for unparalleled sheeting performance.

VEVOR Max 16

Unlike the previous model, this heavy-duty gadget makes up to 16-inch pizzas. However, this best commercial pizza dough press shares the same latest two-stage roller technology. You get a no-hassle dough sheeting process with wide thickness options.

Key Features:

Food-grade Construction: Hygiene is essential when it comes to food. It’s good to see this unit made of rugged stainless steel and food grade. Aside from being rust-free, the exterior is a snap to clean.

Efficient Heat Dissipation: This appliance is equipped with a powerful 370W motor with the highest yield output. With about 260 flattened dough per hour, this unit runs smoothly. Zero issues, thanks to its large air vents on the back.

Suitable for 16-inch Pizzas: This unit is in high demand for its ability to roll dough pieces into a 16-inch sheet. Unlike its competitors, you can achieve perfect results in one attempt. This is possible with the aid of the innovative Two-stage Rollers system.

Best For:

Seasoned chefs are looking for an automatic, heavy-duty machine to press dough balls up to 16 inches without any issues.


  • This unit packs a powerful punch and a reliable rolling system. I flatten over 200 dough balls in about 45 minutes—finally, no more wrist pain at the end of the day.
  • It comes with the same thickness options as the previous models. But this unit allows you to make the perfect crust for 16-inch pizzas.
  • The PP plastic dust-proof covers are super helpful. I don’t have to come back to a dusty device.
  • I also love that it comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty. It means the manufacturer will take full responsibility if any issues develop.


Even on the thickest settings, the sheets are not perfect for cookies. That’s just me; you might love it.

Pizza Dough Press Vs. Roller: What’s the Difference

These two pieces of equipment are widely used in homes and commercial settings. They are perfect for creating all kinds of dough with the desired thickness.

However, there’s a slight difference between these valuable tools.

A dough press is more appropriate for achieving consistent thickness across all points. Thus forming the best crust for your pizza at all times. This is important if you are making pizza for commercial purposes.

On the flip side,

Like your kitchen rolling pin, a dough roller is often used for smaller-scale baking operations. This equipment offers tactile control over the dough’s thickness and shape. So, they are perfect for home chefs experimenting with their dough for impressive results.

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Ultimately, the choice between a dough press and a roller comes down to the scale of the baking operation and your specific needs.

For home chefs, rollers allow you to get creative. It’s the go-to for making excellent pizza skin and flatbreads. However, the dough sheeter is an indispensable tool for making consistent pizza crust on a large scale—or for pizza lovers who want an even and lump-free crust edge almost instantly.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Pizza Dough Press


Pizza dough presses exist in two versions – manual or automatic.

Automatic models require little to no input from your end. They accept your dough balls and deliver the predetermined crust size.

Alternatively, manual presses offer more control and flexibility than their counterparts. If you love creating your pizza base the way you want, buy the manual ones. They allow you to exert the right amount of pressure to make pizza bases with custom thickness.

Size & Capacity

Either automatic or manual, dough sheeters come in varying sizes and designs. They are generally compact and would fit into any counterspace. However, they might take up significant space in terms of height and weight. 

For pizza lovers looking to make personal-sized pies at home, you need a dough press with a plate diameter between 8 – 12 inches like the VEVOR 7.8” Big Roller. The press plate determines the maximum pizza size you can make. So, pick one that matches your needs. 

If you are running a food service business, you should opt for automatic dough rollers capable of delivering any dough size between 4 to 12 inches to make pizzas, fondant for cakes, pits, etc. 

Ease of Use

When it comes to manual pizza presses, consider models with long handles. They offer more leverage, allowing easier exert force to press the dough evenly. 

In terms of ergonomics, long handles allow you to maintain natural and comfortable posture while pressing the dough to avoid straining your arms and wrist – a common problem with short handle pizza presses. 

Also, consider handles with non-slip grip for safe and comfortable handling for long periods. Your hands can get sweaty, reducing your control over the press and likely causing a slipping hazard.

Cleaning & Maintenance

When purchasing a kitchen gadget, we are all guilty of ignoring this factor.

Dough presses are a sizable tool that won’t fit in your dishwasher. So, choosing a model that’s a breeze to clean by hand is best. I recommend considering a press with a durable, non-stick exterior.

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With this design, you can wipe your equipment clean with a dry cloth after using it. As such, you should lean towards a rust-free system. So, your device can look brand new even after many years of extensive use.

But that’s not all:

Some pizza sheeters require additional maintenance. The device’s bearing tends to trap food debris and flour during the pressing process. So, it demands regular greasing to keep the moving parts functional.

For this part, you can use any grease or Vaseline. However, always clean off grease left on the device to prevent food contamination.

Build Quality

Pizza dough presses are made of different materials. Most options out there are made of stainless steel. This is the industry standard because of their ability to resist rusting or corroding. 

However, there are other material options to look out for. Aluminum presses are usually cheaper than other alternatives. They are best used for occasional pizza production.

For everyday pizza crust making, cast iron and stainless steel are your best shot. These two materials can withstand the rigors of a busy kitchen compared to the cheaper aluminum presses.

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More importantly, you want to ensure the components are food-grade. You don’t want toxic substances coming into contact with your dough. It negates the very essence of making homemade pizzas.

Furthermore, the best dough sheeter should come with non-slip feet, preventing shaking, wobbling or slipping off the workspace which could result in uneven dough thickness or an inconsistent final product. 


Most pizza dough presses fall short within the first few weeks. Usually, they start to squeak or make sheets with lots of inconsistencies.

Only a couple of press machines have impressed me and are worth their weight in gold.

I have shared my top 3 picks for the best pizza dough presses. I personally use these presses to achieve great crust.

Feel free to explore other options if you’d like. However, be cautious not to waste your hard-earned money on inferior products. Regretting a poor investment is not something you want to experience.


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